Tested for you: „EGF Frischzellen Creme“ from Dr. M. Beauty

The term vampire lifting I find honestly quite worn out and in the case of the “EGF Frischzellen Creme” also not applicable – if you disregard my bloody thumb, which I got when opening the ampoules. But of that later…

Neither does the cream have anything to common with the autologous blood therapy – called vampire lifting – for skin rejuvenation, which Kim Kardashian was the first celebrity to profess in 2013. Nor is the “fresh cell cream” at all associated with blood. The only thing the two methods have in common is EGF (epidermal growth factor). In the case of autologous blood therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is injected from the blood plasma, which contains the Epidermal Growth Factor. Fresh cell cream is different. Here, the so-called phytoplasma comes from plants. Therefore, the cream is also vegan.

EGF stimulates the cell growth

And this is what Dr. Bernd Kuhs, co-founder of Dr. M. Beauty, has to say about the effect of PRP and EGF: “The EGF contained in PRP is one of the fundamental factors for the effectiveness of autologous blood therapy. EGF stimulates cell growth of connective tissue cells, promotes collagen production and ensures the formation of new vessels. “Clinically, PRP or EGF shows very positive effects on the texture, radiance, hydration, thickness and elasticity of the skin and can achieve slight volume effects.”

Further, Kuhs explains, “The special signaling substance EGF from blood can also be produced by and extracted from plants.” No blood needs to be taken and processed. This is also the great advantage of phytoplasma. Therefore, the EGF fresh cell cream can be used at home, but also as a therapy in cosmetic studios and cosmetic practices that are not licensed to take blood samples.

Dr. M. Phytoplasma “EGF Frischzellen Creme” is created under high pressure, entirely without emulsifiers. The components are added one by one to the dispenser, which is then sealed and shaken. This means the cream is freshly prepared directly by the user. “Since the fresh cell cream has a skin-like membrane structure, which is freshly formed from plant cell material and encloses the EGF active ingredient within it, the components can overcome the natural skin protection barrier and penetrate into deeper layers of the skin,” says the manufacturer.

I am doing the EGF test

The tester set I receive in the mail consists of several components: 40 ml of plasma fluid (liquid membrane structure milk) in a brown bottle, a small 5 ml vial with the EGF serum (concentrate), and in the same size the plant activator that transforms the milk into a cream. All of this is numbered 1 to 3 in a user-safe manner. Then there is an empty airless dispenser of 50ml, which is finally filled with the three liquids. So far so good. Everything understood!

The brown bottle is easy to open, with the two small vials I have my difficulties. They are namely closed with a rubber stopper, which is again covered with metal. I pull on the tab that is supposed to open it. It tears off and I get a bloody thumb on the sharp-edged material. I have to take a pair of household scissors to help me “crack” the metal and pull it off completely. Exactly the same with the second vial.

Obstacles with the dispenser

Finally I have filled everything into the dispenser. Shake for 10 sec, then the cream is 2-3 months shelf life. I note the opening date on the attached slip of paper. Then the next difficulty. The retaining ring, which is supposed to hold the cream-filled tube in its envelope, cannot be attached to the dispenser. This means that every time I remove the cream, I pull the inner container out of its packaging. Either the manufacturer needs to make some adjustments to the packaging or I really did get a “Monday product”.

This all sounds a bit negative now, but I’m always annoyed when airless pumps, dispensers, caps, etc on cosmetics do not work. But in the end, it’s the content that counts. And that is well done with the EGF cream. It has a delicate creamy texture that is not greasy and is quickly absorbed. It smells pleasantly neutral, is free of any fragrances and preservatives.

The texture is so productive that I got along with it for a good six weeks – without saving. In the morning and evening I have maintained with it face, eye area and neck. I find that my skin is much better moisturized and thus also looks and feels smoother and more elastic.

This is also confirmed by clinical studies of the plant-derived EGF. In the studies, for example, a 41 percent increase in hyaluronic acid was observed after 48 hours. After 28 days, an increase in elasticity of 93 percent and a reduction in wrinkles of 51 percent were measured.

„EGF Creme Set“ from Dr. M. Phytoplasma Cosmetic, 50 ml, 190 Euro

Frischzellen Cream, phytoplasma

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