Epilepsy – Getting Seizures Under Control With Nutrition 

Epilepsy and epileptic seizures can be controlled. Franziska Gostner, an expert in the field of nutrition and a specialist consultant for ketogenic nutrition, knows what she is talking about. She herself struggles with epilepsy and regularly suffers from the symptoms of this disease. But over time, she has found a solution to control her seizures and avoid exacerbations.

Topic of epilepsy. Franziska Gostner’s in-depth expertise, gained through numerous education and training courses in nutrition, mental training and coaching, has enabled her to combine her knowledge and experience to help others affected by the condition. In the following guest post, she shares her moving story and provides valuable insights into targeted dietary changes and stress management – techniques that can help others overcome their suffering and also return to life with full energy and confidence.

Epilepsy from personal experience

Franziska Gostner had suffered from epilepsy and epileptic seizures since early childhood. However, by taking a total of five medications throughout the treatment period, she had her seizures well under control and controlled to the extent that a normal life was largely possible. But in 2013, she decided to become self-employed and plunged headlong into the stressful daily work routine.

However, the self-imposed pressure greatly aggravated her condition – the seizures occurred more frequently and became more intense. The worry of having to increase the dosage of her medication caused extremely negative and stressful feelings. In addition, the antiepileptic drugs, with their undesirable side effects such as apathy, apathy and depressive mood, had a significant impact on Franziska Gostner’s personal day-to-day life. She was constantly afraid of having a seizure and was no longer as full of life and energy as before.

The expert knew that she had to create the right conditions to be able to lead as normal a life as possible and also to return to her work. In consultation with her doctor, she therefore decided to stay on the already low dose of medication for the time being, as long as the seizures did not become more frequent or the symptoms increased.

So Gostner took the initiative and began looking for the individual solutions that were right for her. She completed several training and continuing education courses and used her knowledge to intensively explore various treatment options. In the process, she rejected many things that did not seem suitable for her due to a lack of scientific facts or a lack of success, but without giving up. Finally, Franziska Gostner succeeded in reducing her medication dosage to homeopathic amounts and overcoming her fear of the seizures. A normal life had finally become something commonplace and taken for granted again.

Epilepsy: The right nutrition as a building block for success

In the past, Franziska Gostner tried out a metabolic concept for weight loss – it promised quick success, but proved ineffective in the long run. Without personal counseling, the expert relied only on numbers provided by software. Frustrated by this approach, she looked for a customized plan that could be easily integrated into her everyday life and supported both weight loss and fitness.

Already in her youth, Franziska Gostner had received advice from a neurologist to try a ketogenic diet. However, she encountered controversial opinions in the scientific community, and many general practitioners considered this diet unnecessary. Nevertheless, Gostner began to study the topic more intensively and recognized the potential benefits of the Ketogenic Diet.

The switch to a fat metabolism leads to the increased formation of ketone bodies, which provide the brain with an improved source of energy and promote the ability to concentrate. In addition, the ketogenic diet stabilizes blood sugar levels and also effectively supports weight loss. After Franziska Gostner received the approval of her neurologist, she decided to try the Ketogenic Diet, which to her delight turned out to be an extremely successful step.

The low-carbohydrate diet as a solution?

It is well known among experts that a targeted change to a ketogenic diet can help people with epileptic seizures. But it is equally important to adjust other areas to the disease. In addition to a balanced diet, exercise and mental health also play a crucial role.

For people with epilepsy, it is particularly important to work on stress management and to develop increased self-confidence and confidence in everyday life. This provides a sense of being better able to cope with the condition and feeling less restricted. The ultimate goal is to achieve similar outcomes and opportunities as people without epilepsy. However, it is easier said than done to reconcile all these aspects.

Franziska Gostner herself took a long time to find the right path for herself, which is why it is highly advisable to seek help and accept support. The website offers readers the opportunity to get in touch with Franziska Gostner. Within her area of expertise and competence, she is happy to help.

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