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Internet Acquisition For Car Dealerships: How It Works

Internet acquisition plays an important role in today’s world. The right Internet presence and the right Internet marketing are crucial for the success of car dealerships. The automotive industry is facing the challenge of adapting its sales strategies to the digital era. Michael Rosolski, an experienced sales and marketing expert, has set new standards with his approach to internet acquisition and is helping car dealerships to significantly increase their sales figures.

Internet acquisition has long been neglected by car dealerships in particular. Many have traditionally relied heavily on personal advice and direct customer contact. But in an increasingly digitalized world, automotive companies also need to rethink their strategies. Michael Rosolski has recognized that many car dealership websites serve mainly as sources of information and not as effective sales tools. To counteract this deficit, he has developed the S³ System by Michael Rosolski – a system that aims to transform websites into action-oriented platforms that convert visitors into buyers.

The S³ system: A revolution in Internet acquisition

The S³ System by Michael Rosolski focuses on four key steps to turn a car dealership website into a profitable sales tool. The first step is to clearly call out the most profitable target audience. It is crucial that the website immediately captures the attention of those most likely to buy a car. Rosolski achieves this by targeting the most profitable audience and tailoring content to the exact problems and solutions this audience is looking for.

The second step is to address the target group’s biggest problem. Almost all car dealership websites lose potential customers within the first three seconds because they fail to address their main concerns directly. Even the websites for car dealerships, which are specified by the car manufacturers, and the websites of marketing agencies in the automotive industry disregard the fundamental 3-second rule.

Clear and concise

This rule creates the necessary interest in the first place, so that the visitor wants to continue with the website. The third step of the S³ system is to show the solution to the problem. It is not enough to simply state the problem – the website must also offer a clear and convincing solution. This can be done in detailed descriptions, customer reviews or informative videos, where the visitor experiences an AHA moment, gets clear added value and is convinced that this dealership is their best choice for solving their problem. Finally, the call to action follows.

Michael Rosolski emphasizes the importance of a clear and concise call to action that encourages the visitor to take the next step – be it filling out a contact form for a callback or making an on-site appointment. A specific call to action structure is key to converting a visitor into a prospective buyer.

Practical application and success stories

The S³ System by Michael Rosolski has already helped numerous car dealerships to significantly increase their sales figures. By implementing this system, they have been able to transform their websites from mere sources of information into effective sales platforms. One example is the Müller car dealership, which, thanks to the S³ system, received up to three additional genuine purchase inquiries per day within just five days.

The use of innovative internet acquisition channels, which offer less competition and therefore higher chances of success, also plays a key role. Instead of relying on overcrowded platforms such as and, Rosolski uses alternative channels to target and convert potential customers.

The significance of digital transformation

The digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way business is done. For car dealerships, this means that they need to rethink and adapt their traditional sales strategies in order to be even more successful in the digital age. Michael Rosolski has shown with his S³ system that it is possible to achieve significant success through targeted internet acquisition and effective use of digital channels.

In summary, it can be said that Michael Rosolski is setting new standards with his innovative approach to Internet acquisition. His S³ system offers car dealerships the opportunity to multiply their acquisition successes, transform their websites into powerful sales tools and increase their sales figures by up to 20 percent. By targeting the right audience, addressing their problems directly, offering clear solutions and providing effective calls to action, the sales and marketing expert creates a new approach to acquisition for car dealerships.

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