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Tested for you: 2 limited Summer eyeshadow palettes “Eyelights” by Artdeco

With these eyeshadows in the two new palettes only the radiant sun can compete. They are bright colors that are a joy to apply and let you feel the lightness of summer. Pink meets orange is the motto of the two palettes and the entire “Summer Brights” collection. However, I would like to focus here on the summer eyeshadows of the two palettes.

The “Eyelights Palettes” are available in two color combinations: “fun in the sun” N°1 contains subtle nude shades from “sand” to “sunsational”. In “turn up the heat” N°02, there are rosé, violet and red shades called “adventure”, “meremazing” or “popsicle”, for example. There are eight coordinated metallic and pearl shades that offer countless make-up variations.

Summer palettes with a special feel

The packaging of both summer palettes is a special visual and tactile highlight. The lids are covered with vegan leather, one in bright orange and the other in vibrant pink. An integrated and very practical make-up mirror is concealed on the inside. Convenient when you’re on the go.

The textures of the eyeshadows in both palettes have a pleasantly soft texture. Nevertheless, they provide high coverage and color intensity on the skin. The vegan eyeshadows in both “Eyelights Palettes” are also suitable for sensitive eyes as they are free from mineral oil, parabens and perfume.

How to create multi-color eyes

So many colors in one palette look beautiful. But many people ask themselves: What is the best way to create a multi-color eye look? A tip first: By using an eyeshadow base or primer on the upper eyelids, you can increase the durability of the color powders and also optimize their intensity. The most important decision: You shouldn’t use more than three different colors at once. On the other hand, you can confidently say goodbye to a “tone-on-tone” approach.

We recommend first emphasizing the eyes with black kohl or eyeliner, which looks much more harmonious. Then outline the edges of the eyelids with the darkest shade in the palette. Then apply another color of your choice to the upper lids. If you want, you can trace the lower lids with the next lighter shade. Always apply a very light shade to the inner corners of the eyes and the highlight under the brow. This opens up the look.

Play with your imagination

Another option is to apply make-up with a light and a dark color. First apply the light color evenly to the entire movable eyelid and blend it in carefully. The dark color is applied between the outer corners of the eye and the crease. This creates more visual depth. The dark eyeshadow can also be used to emphasize the upper and lower lash line, making the lashes appear thicker.

But don’t forget: the more dominant the eye make-up, the more subtle the blush and lip color should be.

Wanted: three basic brushes

The right brush is necessary to apply eyeshadow accurately or over a large area. You should therefore buy three basic brushes for eye make-up: a fine and thin brush is needed to apply the eyeshadow precisely. The fine hairs can be used to create narrow, accurate lines along the lashes. A round, thicker eyeshadow brush is best for spreading the color over the entire eyelid. You will also need a blending brush to achieve harmonious color transitions.

Tip: It is best to clean brushes with a brush cleanser and leave to dry flat.

“Eyelights palettes” from the “Summer Brights” collection by Artdeco, 8 eyeshadow colors each, 17.95 euros, Smokey Eyes Brush, 9.95 euros

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