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Tested for you: Lip liner in 4 new shades – “Soft Shape Lip Liner” by Kess

Lip liners are an indispensable beauty essential for me. And not just when I want my lipstick to sit perfectly and stay where it belongs – on my lips. I also like to use liners on their own when I don’t feel like doing an elaborate lip make-up with several make-up steps.

Lip liner as the sole tool creates naturally accentuated lips and long-lasting color. The four new rosé-brown-nude shades Chocolate Brown, Caramel Nude, Neutral Brown and Natural Rose always work. My personal favorite is Neutral Brown. The creamy Soft Shape Lip Liner is easy to apply and just as easy to blend.

The precise lip liner sits on one end of the pencil and a practical, vegan smudger brush on the other. It can be used to make thick contours appear softer. When turned, the clever contour pencil disappears into its casing and therefore does not need to be sharpened. I find this extremely practical because I never have the right sharpener to hand that matches the thickness of the contour pencil in question.

Lip liner for a variety of looks

I start by lining the contours of my mouth. I minimally overdraw the upper lip to match the fuller lower lip. Then I draw the lips further inwards and blend the color with the Smudger. Depending on my mood, I combine the Soft Shape Lip Liner with other lip products, such as a lip oil or a lip gloss. I also like to use a balm that contains chili (capsaicin), mint or cinnamon. These are all substances that stimulate blood flow to the skin of the lips, which temporarily gives you slightly fuller lips.

But there are of course other variations that you can conjure up with a contour pencil. Take, for example, the iconic 90s looks of super models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell or Victoria Beckham. They made the extravagant two-tone lip look a trend. This included a bold, dark contour and highly pigmented lipstick in opaque beige and brown shades.

Cheating with lip liner

As briefly mentioned above, you can also cheat very well with contour pencils. Narrow lips can be transformed into a full pout. It’s very simple: by lightly painting over the natural lip contour, the lips appear fuller and more defined. With the four Soft Shape Lip Liners from Kess, there are no make-up disasters either, because you can’t go wrong with the four nude shade.

All shades are medium pigmented and created to be based exactly on the tones found in most people’s natural lip colors. This is usually an individual mixture of rosy, pink, peach and brown pigments, which can be lighter or darker. This color range goes well with any lipstick and emphasizes the lip color naturally.

The richest shade in the Kess color range is Chocolate Brown. This is perfect for darker pigmented lips or as a modern nineties remake for light to medium lips. The warm, peachy nude-brown Caramel Nude emphasizes natural lip looks and gives them a warm touch. Neutral Brown is a neutral beige brown that looks super natural on every mouth without disappearing. The rosy nude shade Natural Rose suits all lips with a hint of rosé and works perfectly with lipsticks like this.

Creamy and waterproof

The creamy, waterproof formulation, which is particularly long-lasting, ensures that the color of lipstick or gloss does not run or settle in the corners of the mouth. The lip liner also intensifies the durability of any lipstick. The texture made from plant-based oils, such as carnauba wax and castor oil, is precise to apply, yet creamy enough to spread easily on the lips. The formulation offers a pleasantly light feel and does not dry out the lips. The lip liner is designed to stay on the lips for at least five hours without feathering, fading or rubbing off. The finish is velvety soft and matte.

„Soft Shape Lip Liner“ von Kess, by Kess, available in four natural nude shades, 16 euros each

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