Tested for you: Lip plumper „Chili & Ginger“ from Hipi Faible

Lip plumper – that’s the promise of beautifully full lips without the need for a beauty doctor to pull out a syringe. The volume booster from Hipi Faible promises natural plumping with “Chilli & Ginger”. Incidentally, Hipi Faible is the start-up of Dr. Julia and Peter Adams from Koblenz, who use their expertise in skincare to focus exclusively on lip care. That’s very appealing. And then the entire collection of this organic lip care is “Made in Germany” and is the only label in the world to contain certified organic wool wax (sustainable, animal-friendly extraction).

World first: certified organic wool wax

The skin on the lips is sensitive and thin. Especially in winter, when it is extremely stressed by the cold outside and the dry heating air in closed rooms, it needs rich care. Otherwise it dries out and becomes brittle. This is where organic wool wax (lanolin) comes into play, with a content of over 80 percent in all Hipi Faible products. Thanks to its similar structure to skin oil, it has the ability to significantly reduce skin roughness within an hour. It has a moisturizing and skin-caring effect.

The lanolin works semi-occlusively, so to speak. This means that it is absorbed slowly and enables the skin to better absorb other care ingredients. It also forms an effective protective layer on the skin of the lips, protecting it from the loss of oil and moisture as well as warding off harmful environmental stimuli. The organic wool wax is supported by other high-quality care ingredients such as organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil.

The brand completely dispenses with mineral oil extracts – as often found in conventional lip care – as well as parabens, PEGs, silicones, phthalates, microplastics and synthetic fragrances. It also contains neither synthetic preservatives nor unnecessary fillers.

The hot chili lip plumper

The “Chili & Ginger” lip plumper balm from Hipi Faible is a really spicy piece. With its two fiery oils from the organic chili pepper and ginger tuber, it stimulates blood circulation in the skin of the lips. Due to the content of 1 % ginger extract and 1 % chili extract, the plumper has a total content of capsaicinoids of 0.03 %. Capsaicinoids are the substances responsible for the hot, burning taste of certain spices.

If you are sensitive, you should first slowly check out the distinct sharpness. First test the lip plumper with a small amount on a spot on the lips to see what you can tolerate. Avoid contact with the eyes at all costs. You know this from chili peppers when cooking! The plumper should not be used on chapped, sore or extremely sensitive lips. And the product should also be kept out of the reach of children!

Low dosage

However, a thin layer of “Chili & Ginger” is enough to achieve the plumping effect anyway. The balm can be optimally dispensed from the hygienic and practical vacuum pump dispenser. Initially, the lips tingle slightly, then the spiciness of the capsaicin makes them pleasantly warm. They gradually look plumper and fuller. The natural red of the lips also appears more intense.

In addition to the push-up effect with the ingredients described above, the lips are nourished and protected, and dehydration caused by external stimuli is prevented. In addition, the texture of the lip plumper is also enriched with various natural plant and fruit extracts and has a subtle scent of green tea and cucumber.

Pump five to ten times

Do not be surprised if the airless dispenser does not react immediately on first use. It must first be activated by pumping several times, about five to ten pushes. Then everything works like clockwork and you can get up to 300 applications from one dispenser. According to the manufacturer, this corresponds to approximately three months of three times daily application of the lip plumper.

If the “Chili & Ginger” booster is too spicy for you, simply choose one of Hipi Faible’s other balms. For example, the delicious “Coconut & Bisabolol” version or the fragrance-neutral “Natural & Nothing Else” without any essential oils. “Fresh Vanilla & Manuka Honey” has a subtly sweet aroma thanks to the vanilla extract and the essential oil of the Litsea Cubeba plant. Manuka honey from New Zealand is said to have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

“Chili & Ginger” from Hipi Faible in a 6 ml pump dispenser, 14 Euro

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