Tested for you: Model skin for everyone with “The Model Mask” from MGM Models

„Model skin for Everyone“ is the motto of the new skincare range from Germany’s largest model agency MGM Models. With 1,500 models, it is also one of Europe’s leading agencies in the industry. Well-known top models such as Kate Upton and Chrissy Teigen started their careers here.

Last fall, the luxury skincare brand MGM Cosmetics launched a total of three skincare lines. The twelve Modelskin products are divided into different age groups: Everyday 16-25 years, Advanced 25-40 years and Supreme 35- 60 years. This covers the different skin needs of all ages – from extremely young skin, which requires a lower lipid content, to more mature skin with anti-ageing requirements.

“The topic of skin health has been with me my entire career as a model agent, because models can’t have bad skin. I was always on the lookout for good skincare and ultimately developed it myself. Our high professional standards for healthy and beautiful skin are fulfilled in this particularly effective skincare range,” says Marco Sinervo, CEO von MGM Models.

Medical expertise

But where does the head of a modeling agency get the expertise for skin care? Of course, the products were developed after many years of research in a renowned German laboratory. But more importantly, the medical expert behind MGM Cosmetics is the renowned Hamburg dermatologist Dr. Anna Brandenburg.

She confirms: “MGM Cosmetics is a very effective and well-founded skincare concept with highly effective ingredients of the purest quality. The different needs of the skin can be optimally taken into account by the different series and bring the maximum effect for the user. The product range is clear and easy to use and contains everything you need for healthy skin. The topic of SPF is also well solved by the UV protection.”

Model skin with “The Model Mask“

It is the highlight of the Skincare line. It was originally developed for models as a beauty booster before photo shoots and fashion shows. It has a pore-refining effect and reduces redness, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, the mask immediately ensures visibly smoother and firmer skin and a youthful, vital and fresh complexion. What’s inside? Aloe vera, zinc oxide, vitamin E, multimolecular hyaluronic acid, Spilanthes paracress extract, vitamin C, Syn-Ake, amino acids (proline, arginine, alanine), argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, rutin.

Syn-Ake is often referred to as a natural Botox alternative. The synthetic active ingredient was developed by Swiss researchers and won the Swiss Technology Award in 2006. It consists of the high-tech peptide Argirelin , which has been proven to inhibit the release of neurotransmitters and thus the tension of the facial muscles. This is also responsible for the mask’s immediate smoothing effect.

Begeisterte Reaktionen in ParisE

The mask for an instant model skin was presented for the first time this year at Paris Fashion Week. Hair and make-up artists were equally enthusiastic. They noticed incredible results on their models within minutes. “During the 15-minute application time, you can literally see the skin smoothing, plumping and refining. Redness, puffiness and fine lines are immediately reduced and the skin radiates a fine, fresh glow,” was the unanimous opinion of the beauty professionals.

I have also tested the high-performance beauty mask and can confirm the immediate effect. Since then, I have been using the product before important appointments, in the evening before going out or on special occasions. Apply generously, avoiding the eye and mouth area. After application, all I have to do is remove the mask residue with a tissue. My model skin is ready.

MGM Cosmetics “The Model Mask” by MGM Models, 60 ml, 79 euros

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