Vacation Photos – These Pro Tips Will Make Them Perfect

Photography is a passion shared by many vacationers. But not every photo that initially seems successful stands up to the rigorous scrutiny at home. At the latest when you have to explain to friends and relatives what you see in the photos, you know: it’s time to improve your own photographic skills.

Vacation photos failed? “It’s often not the technique at all, but the inner hecticness that prevents us from photographing a subject ideally,” explains professional photographer Edmond Rätzel. “But that can be worked on,” he encourages. He knows that those who take a little time for their photos will capture much better images than someone who frantically snaps away at it. Here are five tips from the expert on how to take great vacation photos that will still inspire you when you get home.

Tip 1: Find the right location or setting
“Every place tells a story, every picture captures it,” says Edmond Rätzel. For great vacation pictures, it therefore pays to find out in advance where you can find exciting locations or backdrops. This way, you don’t just save time. It also helps you gain important knowledge about your vacation spot and you can better plan your ventures.

Tip 2: Take only necessary equipment with you
Rätzel: “The more equipment you have with you, the greater the danger of playing around with it instead of focusing on fantastic subjects.” A good photo is more effective through its visual language than through superfluous technology. The large equipment can therefore confidently stay at home, which also has the advantage that you save luggage.

Tip 3: The most important piece of equipment is the tripod
One thing you should never do without is a tripod. According to Rätzel, it is a must in every vacation suitcase. If necessary, it can also be a mini version. The only important thing is that the tripod makes it possible to shoot self-portraits and take shake-free pictures. You should also be able to use it for long exposures.

Tip 4: Plan the ideal moment
“The golden hour, i.e. sunrise and sunset, are perfect times for taking pictures,” says the professional photographer. It’s worth getting up early sometimes. It’s not for nothing that these early or later hours of the day are often chosen for photo production in professional shootings. However, the ideal time always depends on the subject you want to get in front of the camera. For example, the open mouth of a hippo is always worth a photo, even in the rain.

Tip 5: Time as a quality feature
However, it should also be noted that the motif alone is not a guarantee for a successful picture. Edmond Rätzel says the following about this: “It’s no use chasing a motif. It is much more important to take your time when photographing and also to allow time.” After all, time is not only a measurement value, time is also a quality characteristic. You can always tell later from a photo whether it was shot in a hurry or the photographer took time to capture an interesting moment.

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