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Heat – 6 Expert Tips to Keep Cool

Due to climate changes, we have to deal with longer lasting periods of heat more and more often. The high temperatures affect the body and mind. This means problems falling asleep, dizziness and headaches. These symptoms can be observed more and more frequently during hot spells. Reason enough to arm yourself against the heat.

Staying cool in the heat doesn’t even have to be difficult. Even the right diet can bring relief. “It is also important to drink enough,” says alternative practitioner Benjamin Börner. In this article, the head of the “Zentrum für integreative Medizin” (Center for Integrative Medicine) in Tübingen reveals what other tips to look out for.

  1. Fight the heat with plenty of liquid

The warmer it gets outside, the more we humans should drink. On the one hand, to supply the body with the fluids it so urgently needs right now. On the other hand, to replenish the electrolytes lost during sweating, i.e. minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate. It therefore makes sense to take brine, which is made from water and salt. At least two liters per day should be drunk.

  1. Warm beverages against high temperatures

A look at southern societies shows us that warm drinks are better than cold ones. There, people like to turn to warm drinks such as tea or coffee to combat the heat. This may seem paradoxical at first glance, but it is a way to stimulate sweat production. As a result, the body temperature is cooled down to a comfortable level.

  1. Avoid deodorants with aluminum

When the thermometer climbs, we sweat more. Heavy sweating can trigger increased body odor. Under no circumstances should it be combated with deodorants that are enriched with aluminum salts. These can clog the sweat glands and inhibit the body’s temperature regulation. So they definitely stand in the way of the desire to cool down.

In the meantime, there are enough deodorants on the market that do not contain aluminum salts but still do their job. They usually owe their effect to natural ingredients such as alcohol or baking soda. Instead of preventing sweat per se, they prevent the smell of sweat.

  1. Cooling from the outside

On hot days, everyone would love to jump into the lake or have fun in the outdoor pool. If you don’t have the facilities, you can also find good alternatives at home. A cool footbath is often enough to lower the body temperature. However, it should not last longer than 15 to 20 minutes, otherwise the body reacts to the cold effect with increased blood circulation, which is counterproductive. The same effect as a foot bath can be achieved by running cold water over the wrists for a few minutes.

  1. Nutrition is important too

Foods from warm regions often help cool you down. These include citrus fruits such as grapefruits, tangerines, oranges and lemons. Water-containing varieties of fruit (melons) and vegetables or herbs such as mint also have a positive effect on body temperature. On the other hand, soups or dishes with a high grain or meat content should be avoided. These provide additional heat.

  1. Training to fight the heat

You can certainly train your body to better withstand the heat days. Alternating baths and sauna sessions are best suited as part of a cold and heat therapy. Afterwards it is easier for the organism to get used to extreme temperatures quickly. In addition, the immune system can be strengthened in this way.

Alternating baths can be easily done at home in the shower. You start with a warm stimulus by first taking a warm shower for a few seconds. Then direct the cold water stream to the arms, upper body and legs. For alternating foot baths, one sets up two tubs. One is filled with 38° C warm water, the other with cold or cool water. After two minutes in the warm water, the feet are immersed for five seconds in the cold water and then again for two minutes in the warm foot tub. Repeat the change three or four times. Always end with cold water.

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