Spectacular! “Liquid Brow Lift” for an Alert Look

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With this innovative minimal-invasive method based on hyaluronic acid, sunken or deep-set eyebrows can be raised. Almost painless and without risk.

Best reason for the liquid brow lift: Especially in times of video calls and zoom conferences, an alert look and an open appearance suddenly come more into focus. There is even a special expression for it. “Zoom Face” describes your own face, which often appears tired in the web camera. In addition to causes such as stress, lack of sleep or dark circles under the eyes, the eyebrows also play a special role. When the eyebrows press down, the face looks tired. At the right angle and curved slightly upwards, they “open” the view. With the “Liquid Brow Lift”, the eyebrows can be lifted without surgery and the eye shape can be optically aligned upwards. How it works, explains Dr. Nicole David, German neurosurgeon at the „Praxis Contour – Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie“ in Frankfurt and Fulda

Raising the eyebrow with fillers, also called “Liquid Brow Lift”, is a new insider tip. What is it all about?

A brow lift generally means raising the eyebrow to make the gaze appear more open and alert. We use this treatment if, for example, the eyebrow is felt to be too deep. Until now, this either required an operation or a thread lifting, in which the finest threads are inserted under the skin. Now we have a new, minimally invasive method of lifting the eyebrow: hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers that are placed in the eyebrow area. This is why this treatment is also called “Liquid Brow Lift“.

How exactly does the Liquid Brow Lift work?

As a result of the natural aging process, fat and muscle tissue are broken down on the face, which means that brows and eyelids can sink and drooping eyelids can also develop. Some patients also naturally have eyebrows that are perceived as too low or too level. With a hyaluronic filler such as Juvéderm, we can create volume very precisely at certain points by placing filler drops at special points in the area of the eyebrow, for example on the temple or in the fat depot of the eyebrow. The doctor uses a special injection technique. By placing the filler, the tissue, i.e. the eyebrows and the outer corners of the eyes, is slightly raised. In this way, the face shape looks like it is pointing upwards, which can give a fresh expression. However, the eye area is a highly sensitive area, which is why treatment of the eyebrows should only be used by a specially trained and experienced specialist.

What effect can the treatment have?

Before treatment, many patients have the impression that their face looks tired or slack. Few people realize that the eyebrow plays a big role here as it acts like a frame. Raising the eyebrow can now make the gaze appear more alert and fresher and the entire expression appears more open. In addition, the brows can be shaped: Men prefer straight eyebrows as a result of the treatment, women, on the other hand, prefer slightly curved brows – both can be achieved with the Liquid Brow Lift. In women, raising the outer corner of the eye can also support an almond-shaped, slightly upward-pointing eye shape that is currently popular as “Cat Eyes” or “Bella Eyes“.

What is special about other methods of lifting the eyebrow?

Treatment with fillers based on hyaluronic acid is minimally invasive, i.e. it takes place without surgery or anesthesia. This means that patients can usually take part in social life again immediately. You should only avoid physical activity and intense sunlight immediately after the treatment. Also, the results are effective for a long time if high quality products are used. There is a new filler specially developed for the needs of the demanding eye area. This Juvéderm Voluma has a durability up to 24 months. Thanks to the necessary gel hardness, it has sufficient lifting power to lift the eyebrow and thanks to the adapted cohesiveness, the filler lasts for a long time and does not flow. Due to the special Vycross technology, the result looks also natural.

photo: Fabian Otto

Liquid Brow Lift

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