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Power Woman Sabrina Nennemann: From Miss Berlin To A Successful Businesswoman

Sabrina Nennemann is the founder and CEO of two flourishing companies, as well as former Miss Capital Berlin. She says: “Many women unfortunately still lack self-confidence. They cling to the belief that they can’t hold their own against the male competition. It’s obvious that this is not the case.”

Power Woman are the future. The outdated role model of the woman who was only responsible for the household and raising children is hardly conceivable today. Instead, more and more women can be found in areas such as politics or any leadership positions – positions that were once considered the domain of men alone. Women have thus gained a position of equality. Nevertheless, many women find it difficult to admit this to themselves. The German power woman Sabrina Nennemann, shows seven steps that help women develop more self-confidence and how they manage to courageously pursue their goals.

Getting to the bottom of fear

Fears can influence and limit our thoughts. However, not facing them is fatal and you will never succeed as a power woman. After all, we need to dissolve these constructs, which usually only exist in our heads. Only those who face their fear will manage to move towards success and growth in the long term.

A power woman thinks big

Don’t make yourself small. Only those who set big goals will achieve great things. Nevertheless, many women tend to limit themselves and they only allow themselves small goals. This is also based on outdated role models. Therefore, it is time to break through these and allow yourself to achieve your own success.

Clear communication on your own behalf

As a power woman you have to demonstrate strength and power. It is also important to stand up for one’s own goals in a dominant manner. One’s own wishes, goals and needs must be clearly communicated. This also includes being able to say no once in a while if you absolutely disagree with something. Only those who clearly communicate what they want and also what they don’t want will be recognized for their strong personality and thus reach their goal more quickly.

Negotiate actively

To become a power woman you have to learn how to negotiate actively. But many women find it difficult to negotiate. While successful negotiation skills tend to be attributed to male colleagues, women should also strive to learn targeted negotiation strategies to be successfull in your business. Women are often afraid of appearing too demanding or upsetting their counterparts. It is precisely this fear that must be overcome and women must be aware of their position. Only then will the negotiating partner respond positively to demands.

Learning the art of selling

In daily business not only products are sold, but also suggestions, ideas, compromises and much more – both in business and in everyday life. Those who are good at presenting and communicating bring the corresponding things to the man and woman so convincingly that they are gladly accepted and appreciated.

Power women need not deny their femininity

Not infrequently, women tend to hide their femininity and try to behave like men. After all, they believe that this will gain them more acceptance from the male world. But exactly the opposite is the case. Numerous studies have proven that men are more inclined to accept women if they do not hide their natural femininity. Stand by your femininity and remain authentic under all circumstances.

Choose the right partner for your business

To really take off as a power woman, it’s important to have a partner by your side who supports you and has your back. Partners who can’t cope with a woman’s self-confidence or success limit her in all areas of life and work. This is why it is so important to have a partner by your side who promotes private and professional success.

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