Tested for you: Eyebrow styling with the “Brow Set” from Fleeky

So far, I have never managed to keep my eyebrows in shape all day. That’s also because the hairs are long and stubborn with me. And they didn’t want to be styled upwards at all. The upward brushed brows are an ideal eye opener.

Eyebrow styling with a 3-piece set

Now I have found the perfect solution for me. The 3-piece set from Fleeky. Sure you can buy the products individually. But I wanted to get started right away with the complete kit. It contains once Brow Fix, once Brow Pomade and a Brow Micropen. So everything you need to put the brows in shape, to shade and also to fill small gaps.

All three eyebrow products are vegan & animal-free, guarantee a 24h hold and are easy to apply – and stylish-pretty they also look in the light blue. The kit comes in three shades according to brow color: Medium Brown – Medium dark, warm & cool hair type; Light Brown – Light brown, cool hair type; Dark Brown – Darker warm & cool hair type. I use Medium Brown because I don’t want to shade my brows any darker than they already are. It always looks so harsh.

Brush against the direction of growth

First, I use the Brow Fix. With the spiral brush and the gel-like, colorless fixative, I brush the hairs lengthwise against their direction of growth and then upwards. This gives me the first wow effect: the look is immediately much more open. The texture is smudge-proof and waterproof and actually keeps the brows in “top form” all day. To remove makeup in the evening, you need a makeup remover, so well are the brows fixed. I have had the best experience with a remover oil.

Stylo with 2-in-1 design

Next, I pick up the Brow Pomade. The Stylo has a compact 2-in-1 design. The pomade is hidden in the lower, unscrewable part, and the integrated applicator is at the other end. With it, the colored pomade is brought to the brows depending on the desired intensity result. With it, I also fill small gaps in the brow arch. Finally, I mogle with the brown micropen a few more hairs at the beginning of the brow, so that the arch looks even more harmonious. The result: finally perfect eyebrows!

If the process is still not quite clear or would rather have a visual template, you can find a how-to-do video with the three-part eyebrow kit on fleeky.

„Brow Set“ from Fleeky, 3-piece set, £28.00

eyebrow styling

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