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Tested for you: Sun Care „Crema Solare“ from Carthusia

Finally, a sun care product that is fun. Why no manufacturer has yet come up with the idea of making sun care a little more cheerful and appealing? This gap has now been closed by the world-renowned traditional fragrance house from Capri. Carthusia! The label from the Italian dream island, sung about in many songs, is famous for its fine perfumes and care products in beautiful packaging.

Now the house of Carthusia has succeeded with the sun care a “Best of Three”: the perfect sun protection with SPF 30 or SPF 50, in an exceptionally beautiful, sustainable packaging with the unmistakable “Profumo di Capri”. I am so what excited as rarely with a UV protection product.

Sun care: ecological & sustainable

The 100 ml bags for the two filter variants of the sun care and a “Dopo Sole” (After Sun) are a small work of art in themselves – printed with fish, shells, corals and all sorts of other sea creatures. The bags are resealable and take up hardly any space in beach luggage.

All products can be used for face and body. “The packaging saves 50 percent of plastic compared to other 100 ml packaging,” the press release says. What’s more, the lotions were developed according to the protocol of the “Ocean & Reef Care” program without oxybenzone and octinoxate, so as not to harm coral reefs.

A scent of summer, sun, Capri

But the greatest thing about Carthusia sun care for me is the irresistible fragrance that delicately unfolds on the skin. It smells of summer vacation, wonderful freshness and the wild clove of Capri. And then when the red sun sinks into the sea, only “Dopo Sole” comes into play for me. Who now still says he does not like to cream in the sun and afterwards, it’s his own fault!

And a word about Carthusia

According to legend, the story of Carthusia began back in 1830 . At that time, the prior of the Carthusian monastery had a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers of the island prepared for the visit of the Queen of Naples, Joan 1st of Anjou. The water in the vase began to give off a wonderful fragrance after a few days. The monastic alchemist consulted about this led him to the wild Caprese carnation, Garofilum selvestre Caprese.

Thus was born the first perfume of the island. But it was not until 1948 that the old formula was rediscovered and given to a chemist from Piedmont. He set up a laboratory in the monastery on Capri. This he named Carthusia after the Italian word for charterhouse (certosa). Even today, the fragrances are produced 100% according to a traditional manufacturing process using the highest quality raw materials on Capri and bottled by hand. Therefore, each Carthusia fragrance is inextricably linked with the island.

„Crema Solare“ from Carthusia, 100 ml, 20 Euro

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