Tested for you: Sun protection stick “Solaire Stick Très Haute Protection SPF 50+” from Payot

A sun protection stick in my handbag is an absolute must for me in summer. But it’s difficult to find one that offers sufficient UV protection for the face and doesn’t leave any visible traces after application. Therefore the new sun protection stick from Payot landed on my desk just in time and was highly welcomed. It has a very high protection factor SPF 50+ (UVB + UVA + long UVA) and comes in a handy travel size so it fits in every of my bags.

“Traceless” sun protection stick

But what I like best about the sun protection stick is its texture, which is made from a melting, solid oil. It creates an invisible finish on the face. I apply it to my cheeks so that the UV rays cannot attack the red veins. It reliably protects my lips and nose. I can even use it on the sensitive eye contour because the formula is fragrance-free.

The sun protection stick is enriched with organic buriti oil. The waterproof formula with an invisible finish gives me a radiant complexion and prolongs my tan naturally.

Ocean-friendly sun care line

Of course, the little stick also has “big brothers”, as Payot has launched Solaire, a complete sun care line with five products that meet all requirements. They all have clean formulas that protect the marine ecosystem. To this end, the Payot laboratories have developed an ocean-friendly filter complex consisting of organic filters and red algae.

This extraordinary red algae Porphyra Umbilicalis from Korea, the leading country in algae aquaculture, has adapted to its hostile and ever-changing environment for thousands of years. This combination has made it possible to develop the first waterproof film of natural origin that prevents sunscreens from entering the oceans when swimming.

The new packaging of the products without cardboard is also environmentally friendly. The tubes are made from at least 42 percent recycled plastic, one bottle is made from 50 percent recycled plastic and the stick is also recyclable.

Commitment to the world’s oceans

The Coral Planters is a non-profit organization that campaigns against the destruction of coral reefs. It creates artificial reefs to preserve marine biodiversity. Together with The Coral Planters, Payot is committed to preserving the oceans and is funding the planting of several coral reefs off the Maldives. I think that deserves our support.

„Solaire Stick Très Haute Protection SPF 50+“ by Payot, 15 g, 25 euros

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