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Tested for you: “Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream” von Biossance

Welcome to a new eye cream: Under the motto Clean Beauty meets Science, the hyped US skincare brand Biossance has also been on the market in Germany since September 2022. The Californian brand was founded in Emeryville in 2016. From the beginning, the scientists had one goal in mind. They wanted to solve a problem that has long existed in the cosmetics industry: many ingredients are unsustainable and can even harm the earth and the oceans. Just one example of this is the molecule squalene (Latin for shark), which is very popular in skin care products. It occurs naturally in the liver of sharks. Two million of these marine animals were killed for it every year. Squalane from sugar cane Biossance scientists have developed a highly effective ingredient with almost the same sounding, but still completely different squalane, for which no shark has to die anymore. Squalane, on which the entire care series is based, is vegan. It is obtained 100% from plant sugar cane. Squalene is also a natural component of the skin and is produced by the body itself. However, over the years, our own production continues to decline. A substitute is the plant helper squalane, which is bioidentical to the squalene in our skin, and offers the same benefits as squalene: It moisturizes, soothes and protects without clogging the pores. Creamy light eye cream My favorite from the beauty line is the “Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream”. The apricot-colored eye cream is creamy light, non-greasy and absorbs very quickly. Pleasant also that it is odorless. In the morning after toner and in the evening after cleansing, the sensitive eye area is supplied with moisture around the clock. With my ring finger, I take up a small amount at a time and distribute it under and over the eyes up to the brow arches. The moisture plumps up small lines. And best of all, the eye cream is also a perfect base when I apply eyeliner afterwards. It lasts much longer and does not smudge. A tip for all beauty fans: At least as essential as the selection of the products themselves is the correct order in which the products are applied. To ensure that the care reaches its maximum potential and can be absorbed effortlessly, always start with the lightest products and end with the richest care. The only exception is sunscreen – always apply it at the end.… weiterlesen