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For every Wrinkle the Right Hyaluronic Acid Filler

The nasolabial fold bothers you? Or the little hanging cheeks? With the right hyaluronic acid fillers, wrinkles can be smoothed and contours improved – and thus completely natural-looking results can be achieved. What many do not know: It is not necessarily the annoying wrinkle that is treated, but a completely different part in order to get the desired result. Dr. Isabel Edusei, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery from Berlin, explains what she means by modern filler treatments. Why is it no longer directly injected under the fold, but mostly treated with hyaluronic acid in completely different places? Dr. Isabel Edusei: The nasolabial fold is a very good example of this. It is an expression of a structural weakness in the cheek region. To put it simply: the soft tissue sinks here with the aging process, but is held up by a cord of connective tissue that extends from the nostril to the corner of the mouth. This results in a contour jump that we classically call the nasolabial fold. If we want to smooth this wrinkle, we have to treat the cause of what happened, that is, first fix the soft tissue on the zygomatic bone again and thus stabilize the midface. I use so-called structure fillers from the Vycross collection such as Voluma and Volux from Juvéderm. The term Vycross Technologie is based on a special, patented gel formulation that ensures that the filler is quickly integrated into the skin tissue and that the result can therefore appear particularly natural. Are there more such surprising effects? Yes, a lateral straightening of the eyebrows and upper eyelids can be achieved by working in the temple area. When the chin is raised, the neck tightens. And when hyaluronic acid filler is used on the lateral arch of the jaw approximately below the ears, the lateral lower jaw line tightens. Can individual areas such as the chin be treated specifically or should the entire face always be included? First of all, it is important to analyze exactly which areas of the face are suffering from structural weaknesses, what are the causes and how they can be treated. For example, a 20 year old woman may have problems in the same facial area as a 45 year old. The treatment in this case is identical and it does not always have to include the whole face. If there has not yet been any significant structural breakdown in the face, it is of course also possible to set special accents.… weiterlesen

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