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Tested for you: Lifting Mask „EMS-Lifting“ from Medi-Lift

The lifting mask made of black medical silicone looks a little scary at first sight. But do not be frightened! I’m not looking for an outfit for a fetish party, although it would certainly score there too. No, all jokes aside! What I tested this time is an EMS lifting mask for the face. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Known so far only as an effective body workout. But we also have muscles in thelface that can be stimulated to shape, tone and tighten them – especially in the cheek and chin area. Exactly where sagging tends to show up. And that’s exactly where the Medi-Lift mask comes in. You don’t have to invest much time either. 10 minutes a day is enough, they say. EMS lifting at home The mask comes from Japan. There, the Medi-Lift series has already collected 53 beauty awards from various magazines and media in the categories of women and men. According to the description, you could say that the lifting mask works like a kind of intensified yoga for the face or similar to the Gua Sha stone – only even more effective. Namely, the mimic muscles are treated with two different EMS modes. This not only improves muscle volume, which in turn smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth, but also tightens the jawline. The lifting mask is also effective against facial puffiness. Lifting mask for any face shape The mask fits everyone, woman or man, round or square face shape. True, most faces are asymmetrical and vary in size. But the elastic medical grade silicone adapts to any shape and size. With the program, you can choose from six levels, individually adjustable for the right and left sides of the face, to give the muscles a “customized” workout, so to speak. Particularly addressed by the EMS technology are “critical” muscles in the face such as the large zygomaticus muscles that run longitudinally along the cheeks.lose tension and volume, wrinkles and sagging skin occur. In release mode, the masseter muscle, which pulls down from the cheeks toward the jawline, is relaxed with low-frequency EMS of 20~100Hz. The masseter muscles are often overused, which can lead to a square jaw. My personal test: First, the two triangular massage tools have to be charged. It takes about 90 minutes each, but then they last for about five hours. It’s a shame that only one charging cable is included, which is of course a special one, so you can only connect the two parts to the socket one after the other.… weiterlesen