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Are you Suffering from Maskne?

This is not a stupid misspelling, but the latest international term related to the corona pandemic. Mask-ne consists of the two words mask and acne and describes a skin problem that can affect everyone – women and men. The street scene worldwide is dominated by masks. They are now available as fashion accessories with the most unusual patterns and colors. Unfortunately, the skin underneath often looks less beautiful. The problem is called Masken. It is used to describe the skin irritations and pimples that spread under the fabric. This is due to the so-called occlusion effect. The mask prevents sweat and heat from being released normally by the skin and evaporates. Instead, heat builds up, causing the horny layer to swell. This makes it more permeable to pollutants. The moisture that favors this bacterial formation also reduces the permeability of the mask, which makes breathing more difficult. Especially in summer, when you sweat more anyway, this skin irritation can increase.In addition, the sebum gland activity increases, which in turn can be a breeding ground for bacteria and consequent impurities. A kind of perioral dermatitis develops, a rash around the mouth. This is not acne in the classic sense, but rather an acne mechanica that has mechanical triggers like the friction of fabric. It is known from football players who have to wear a helmet with a chin strap for many hours and then have inflammation and irritation at this point, which can lead to clogged pores and deep acne cysts. “We also observed cases of mask, a dermatitis caused by wearing a mask, during the SARS epidemic,” says Dr. Michelle Henry, dermatologist in New York. Increased hormone releases such as the stress hormone cortisol can also play a role because it stimulates the sebaceous glands and thus also provokes acne. And who is not stressed during this time! A worldwide problem In the current Covid19 times, the maskne phenomenon can be observed globally. American nurses report how their skin has deteriorated since the constant mask requirement. They say that if you wear an N95 mask (highest security level) and then a surgical mask over it, the bacterial growth on the skin develops like in a petri dish in a laboratory. Quickly and generously. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology published a study that found that 97 percent of staff in the central Chinese province of Hubei had skin problems caused by wearing the masks.… weiterlesen