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Being Made Up by a Professional…

A session with Pixi make-up artist Amanda Bell in London For many years one of THE beauty addresses in the English capital has been The Pixi Flagship Store, 22A Foubert’s Place, in the bustling Soho district. With lively Carnaby street and Liberty, the most beautiful department store for me, just around the corner, Pixi’s London Flagship Store is a true Beauty Oasis. The correct name, by the way, should be Pixi by Petra. Accomplished make-up artist Petra Brand set herself the goal of creating skin products with highly effective and soothing herbal ingredients and the result was the Pixi brand. The soul of the company, however, is Amanda Bell, global make-up artist and Pixi ambassador. A fascinating personality with a sparkling, rather un-English temperament, she can boast more than 20 years of professional experience in the beauty sector. As an author, award-winning product designer and make-up artist she is never short of ideas as to how to bring out the beauty in every woman. Amanda has worked with the world’s most famous models and photographers. Friendly and down-to-earth, she chats to me about her fascination with cats while, with practiced hands, she erases the fatigue from my face and applies exactly the right shade of red to my lips. Our interview is conducted afterwards on the roof terrace of a Vegan café around the corner: Amanda, what are your five most important professional tricks? Less is more. Use as natural a foundation as possible, one you feel good with. Use concealers in areas that need a little more coverage. This gives the complexion a flawless look. The base must look like a second skin. If you feel that your make-up is fading too quickly, use a fixing spray instead of a lot of powder. Personally, I like transparent powder, which I apply with a brush over the base. This doesn’t cover more or add additional colour, it just perfects the look. A final tip: Always apply make-up in a similar lighting situation to the one you will be in later on. It’s not advisable to apply your make-up in the morning under artificial light in the bathroom since the result will never look good in daylight. I’m looking for a new foundation so where is it best to test the colour? The skin tone of your hand is never the same as that of your face, so the texture can be tested on the back of your hand, but never the colour.… weiterlesen