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Tested for you: Needle-free skin rejuvenation “Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Mask” by La Prairie

Overnight skin rejuvenation without needles at the beauty doc. What woman over the age of a teenager wouldn’t want that? But boah – the price of the new anti-ageing mask for the night makes me gasp – well over 1000 euros. But…isn’t it Christmas again already!!! I try to mentally justify the high price for the new rejuvenation concept to myself. After all, when you buy it you get two-in-one, so to speak, two products from La Prairie’s exquisite Platinum Rare line: 12 vials with a highly effective concentrate and a rich, pink-colored mask in a jar that is applied like a night cream, without the hassle of washing it off or washing it off again. In a nutshell: the “Haute-Rejuvenation Mask” is the ultimate in luxury, containing a wealth of the latest high-tech beauty know-how. The design of the brand new member of the Platinum Rare family is ultra-stylish and cool. Even the unboxing of the typical silver-colored La Prairie box is an event in itself: two layers, each with six of the precious grey vials, embedded in a matching case with a ribbon for easy removal. The lower part of the box reveals a cream jar with a silver-colored lid, and the iconic diamond-shaped insert for the cream shimmers in light purple. There is also a small, compact silver spoon for removing the texture. Finally, a small, black-bound booklet explains how to use the needle-free skin rejuvenation treatment. Anti-ageing without needles Proven aesthetic medical treatments were the inspiration for the two-stage rejuvenation skin care, which makes it possible to completely avoid invasive treatment of the skin. It is based on the innovative Macro-Infusion technology. It is a special coating process that allows large molecules such as hyaluronic acid and collagen to pass through the skin barrier. Until now, this was only possible with the help of aesthetic procedures. In addition, there are key active ingredients that La Prairie has spent a long time researching, such as Platinum Multi-Peptides and the exclusive Cellular Complex. The aim of haute rejuvenation science is to achieve a rejuvenated appearance of the skin in the long term. Skin rejuvenation in two steps My skin is cleansed and so ready for a needle-free rejuvenation. A lengthy general anesthetic that I have just undergone has not only taken its toll on my body, but also on my complexion. It looks restless, tired, exhausted and dehydrated. The first step is called recharge: I unscrew the small cap of the gray vial and press the plunger on the other end to activate it.… weiterlesen