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Tested for you: My SOS Duo from Doctor Duve medical skincare

SOS helpers have a lot to do with me after a long summer like this one with plenty of sun, salt or chlorine water and constant UV protection. The skin is drier than usual – my beautician has also noticed this – and perhaps even a little irritated. Sun creams like to close the pores, and sun wrinkles mercilessly make their way – especially around the eyes and in the cheek area In this phase, the retinol, which is usually alternately part of my care routine in the evening, remains in the beauty cabinet. Instead, my two SOS helpers are increasingly used in the morning and evening: the “Boosting Face Serum” and the “Clarifying Face Cream”, both from the Doctor Duve Skincare line. Even though I often have to and want to test other products in my job as a beauty journalist. Whenever there is “need for the woman”, then I come back to the two. By the way, the Skin Care from the Munich dermatologist Dr. Stefan Duve has been around since 2009, and that’s how long I’ve been loyal to the SOS duo in emergencies. The Big Four active ingredients for the skin In its products, Dr. Duve relies on a symbiosis of potent active ingredients from nature and modern anti-aging cell research. Many studies by skin and university clinics have shown that there are only a handful of active ingredients in cosmetics that actually have an effect on the skin in terms of anti-aging or pro-youthing, as one often reads today. The four heroes include hyaluronic acid, retinol, growth factors (also known as growth factors), and antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. They are all included in some form in Doctor Duve Skin Care. The signature active ingredient of the care line is also contained in my two SOS Helpers: Growth Factors are proteins that play an important role in the control of cell functions and initiate healing processes, among other things. In a skin care product, Growth Factors stimulate the organism to form healthy skin cells. They also promote the production of collagen, which makes the skin look younger and healthier. By the way, there is a Nobel Prize behind the Growth Factors. In 1986, Rita Levi-Montalcini, an Italian physician and neurobiologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine together with her colleague Stanley Cohen for their research on nerve growth factors. SOS helpers at the start I apply the “Boosting Face Serum” in the morning and evening after cleansing my face.… weiterlesen