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A cat called Franz!

He is coal-black except for the five white hairs on the chest and extremely stubborn. You could never actually describe Franz as a cuddly kitten. He likes to stick out his claws when something doesn’t suit him. How old is he? No idea. Sometime a few years ago he suddenly appeared in our yard. We live in an old farmhouse and are a small, familiar community. Many say an idyll – with dogs, all kinds of poultry and forest animals Cat missed? When Franz showed up with us, we also knew where we actually belonged. Namely down to the village on a farm. There he also has a twin brother who is exactly like him. Our farm owner brought him back there three times. He kept coming back. The third time it was too colorful for the farmer and he grumbled: “You can keep that one, he doesn’t get along with his brother.” You can see how clever Franz the cat is. You can choose not only friends, but also family. Cat is looking for a new family We are his family now – all of us who live here on the farm. He’s still an outdoor cat – as I always say – that is used to living outdoors, hunts mice and sometimes dormice who make noise in the attic. Franz attacks birds less often, which I resent him very much. But he’s a little predator. If I scold him for it, he just turns around and walks away with his tail held high. He is never offended for long. He often puts a mouse in front of the door of one of us as a thank you. Then he wants to be praised for it. The fact that the neighbour from the first floor screeches angrily when she finds such a gift on the doormat doesn’t stop him from continuing to give us „presents“. Like God in France I have to admit. Franz lives with us like “God in France”. The saying “Dogs think they are Human, Cats think they are God” must have been invented especially for him. He chooses the best from his feeding stations at the various farm residents. It is as if we humans have four restaurants right on our doorstep where we can feast as we please every day. Punctually at 6 p.m. he always stands in front of the door and meows until I open it.… weiterlesen

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