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C&C-Autor aus Hannover Jan Bahmann ist Abnehm-Coach. Gemeinsam mit seinem Team hilft er seinen Kunden*innen dabei, langfristig abzunehmen und ihre Wohlfühlfigur zu erreichen. Die Besonderheit: Im Mittelpunkt des Coachings steht neben der bloßen Gewichtsreduktion vor allem der Aufbau eines neuen Bewusstseins für einen gesunden Lebensstil – ohne große Einschränkungen oder Verzicht.

Proteins – Only For Bodybuilders?

Proteins are immediately associated muscle-bound bodybuilders very often who consume protein shakes after an intense workout. Yet the importance of protein goes far beyond muscle building: rather, proteins are a valuable ally for all people who want to lose weight. “Proteins or protein are the best satiator in nutrition there is,” knows fitness trainer and nutrition expert Jan Bahmann. “Not only can it be a very great help in quelling ravenous appetites, but it also automatically gets the metabolism going. Accordingly, proteins play a central role in overall well-being and effective weight control, regardless of fitness level or personal training goals,” Bahmann adds. He explains why protein is crucial to losing weight in this article. Reason 1: Proteins increase the feeling of satiety Proteins play a crucial role in achieving and maintaining a long-lasting feeling of satiety. This property is particularly evident in comparison with fats and carbohydrates. This makes them an indispensable part of a balanced diet. After eating protein-rich foods, people generally feel fuller for longer, which can help reduce total calorie intake throughout the day. This automatically reduces the need for snacks and the likelihood of cravings. This effect is especially helpful for those who want to lose or maintain their weight. In addition, protein has the ability to dampen the release of ghrelin, the so-called “hunger hormone”. When ghrelin levels decrease, feelings of hunger are reduced, which decreases the risk of overeating and cravings. Through this dual effect – prolonging the feeling of satiety and inhibiting hunger triggers – protein assumes an important role for people who strive for a conscious and controlled diet. Reason 2: Stabilization of blood sugar In addition, a protein-rich diet helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Unlike carbohydrates, which cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall quickly, proteins provide a slower and steadier flow of energy. This helps to avoid sudden energy holes and the associated cravings. Particularly when losing weight, it is important to keep blood sugar levels in balance in order to have energy available throughout and not be thrown off track by feelings of hunger. Proteins therefore not only contribute to satiety, but also help to stabilize the energy balance and support the body in fat loss. Reason 3: Protein supports muscle maintenance During weight loss, it is critical to ensure that weight loss is predominantly fat rather than muscle mass. Adequate protein intake can help maintain muscle mass while dieting.… weiterlesen

Drinking Meals As A Weight Loss Trend: Does It Really Work?

Drinking meals are practical in everyday life and available quickly at all times. For this reason, more and more people are turning to drinking meals to save time and lose weight at the same time. But despite the enticing promises of the corresponding marketing campaigns, there are also some factors to consider when it comes to the healthy benefits of such “liquid food”. Find out what you should consider and how healthy drinking meals really are here. “Drinking meals alone cannot replace a balanced diet,” warns Jan Bahmann, an experienced German weight loss coach from Hanover. When it comes to his coaching sessions to achieve the desired figure, he focuses not only on mere weight reduction but also on building a new awareness of a healthy lifestyle – without major restrictions or sacrifices. That’s why he also questions drinking meals, whether they can actually work as a diet approach and what one should consider when deciding on such a drinking cure. Drinking meals offer benefits Undeniably, drinking meals are a successful model if you want to lose weight. And after all, they wouldn’t be if they didn’t actually offer some benefits. Of course, with any weight loss method, it is helpful to have an accurate overview of calories. While it is difficult to keep an exact overview of the calories consumed when eating freshly prepared meals in one’s own kitchen or when eating out at a restaurant, they can be measured exactly when drinking meals. The simple and quick preparation can also be a real plus in everyday life and score points for a drinking diet, because often a conscious diet fails due to lack of time. Likewise, the nutrient content can speak for drinking meals, because they are often enriched with vitamins and minerals. So why don’t we all eat a liquid diet? As is almost always the case, the same applies here: Not everything about drinking meals is positive. They also have some disadvantages. For example, they stand in the way of a sustainable effect in weight management if they tempt people to forego a long-term change in diet. In the short term, drinking meals can lead to weight loss, but in the long term they do not replace a healthy eating style. So there is no way around a change in diet if you want to optimize and maintain your weight in the long term. The lack of satiety during a drinking cure can also become a problem.… weiterlesen

Eat Right During The Fasting Season

The fasting season has begun and many people use these weeks to cleanse body and mind. However, proper fasting requires a certain amount of knowledge and preparation in order not to overload the body and deprive it of important nutrients. Fasting, but do it the right way. “If you completely eliminate certain foods from your diet all of a sudden, you throw your body out of balance. This can also quickly have a detrimental effect on your health,” explains Jan Bahmann. The German fitness consultant has already coached over 700 people to their feel-good weight. In this article, he gives seven important tips to watch out for during the fasting period. Plan and get medical advice Anyone who has started to fast should definitely make sure to consume sufficient nutrients and fluids during the fast. Basically, thorough planning before starting is of great importance to ensure that one remains healthy during the fast and that the body receives all the necessary nutrients. In doing so, it is recommended to consult a doctor or nutritionist to create the plan and ensure that the fasting is conducive to good health. Especially in the case of existing diseases, medical advice is essential. Slow entry For those who start fasting later, it can be helpful to gradually reduce calorie intake. In this way, the body can gradually get used to a lower food intake and reduce cravings. Drink enough water Adequate hydration is especially important during fasting to keep the body hydrated and eliminate toxins. Water and herbal teas are good options for taking in enough fluids. An intake of at least two to three liters of fluid per day is recommended. Place a water bottle at your workstation or within sight so you don’t forget to drink. Taking mineral and vitamin supplements Mineral and vitamin preparations can help prevent deficiency symptoms and supply the body with important nutrients. However, before taking supplements, a doctor or nutritionist should be consulted to ensure that the right supplements are taken and that the dosage is correct. Indiscriminate use of such supplements can be counterproductive if not professionally cleared. Physical activity on a regular basis Light exercises such as yoga, walks or stretching during fasting can help to keep the body healthy, get the circulation going and reduce stress. Extreme sports should rather be avoided, because fasting and the deprivation of the usual food/nutritional quantity already exerts the organism.… weiterlesen

Nutrition: Lose Weight With Coke Zero?

Heute werben immer mehr Lebensmittelhersteller mit vermeintlich gesünderen Alternativen zu ihren bekanntesten Produkten. Das Versprechen: Der ursprüngliche Geschmack soll erhalten bleiben, während weniger Kalorien enthalten sind. Doch können sich Verbraucher sicher sein, dass es sich dabei tatsächlich um die versprochenen Schlankmacher handelt? Erfolgreich abnehmen. “Wer Gewicht verlieren möchte, aber von zuckerhaltigen Getränken die Finger nicht lassen kann, findet in Zero-Produkten in jedem Fall eine deutlich kalorienärmere Option”, sagt Jan Bahmann. Der erfahrene Abnehmcoach hat schon vielen Menschen zu ihrem Wunschgewicht verholfen und weiß genau, wie nicht wenige Hersteller die Verbraucher zu täuschen versuchen. In diesem Artikel gibt er sieben Tipps, die beim Abnehmen wirksam helfen können und worauf die Verbraucher beim Kauf von Nahrungsmitteln achten sollten. Cola Zero statt normaler Coca Cola Viele Menschen befürchten, dass Softdrinks wie Cola Zero wegen der enthaltenen künstlichen Süßstoffe ungesund sind. Das ist jedoch laut wissenschaftlichen Studien widerlegt: Süßstoffe erhöhen weder den Insulinspiegel noch schaden sie dem Mikrobiom. Obwohl Aspartam als Zusatzstoff in Cola Zero und anderen Lebensmitteln verwendet wird, kann es im Körper in Phenylalanin, Asparaginsäure und Methanol umgewandelt werden. Allein Methanol wird dabei als bedenklicher Stoff betrachtet, der aber laut Forschungsergebnissen bei normalem Verzehr keine toxikologisch bedenklichen Werte im Körper erreicht. Nicht zuletzt kann Methanol auch bei der Verdauung von Gemüse, Obst und frischen Zitrusfrüchten entstehen, wodurch der menschliche Körper eine geringe Menge an Methanol problemlos verarbeiten kann. Im Rahmen einer normalen Ernährung sind Süßstoffe für den Menschen daher unbedenklich. Light-Schokolade ohne Rohrzucker Auch Schokolade kann beim Abnehmen helfen, wenn Verbraucher zu einer mit Süßstoffen versetzten Alternative greifen. So können Sie sich gelegentlich mit dem Stück Schokolade belohnen, ohne das eigene Abnehm-Ziel durch eine übermäßige Aufnahme von Rohrzucker zu gefährden. Denn nur weil die entsprechenden Süßstoffe künstlich sind, sind sie noch lange nicht automatisch gefährlich: Viele sehr natürliche Stoffe sind für den Menschen hochgiftig. In süßen Lebensmitteln wie Schokolade sind Süßstoffe gegenüber dem klassischen Rohrzucker in jedem Fall die bessere Wahl. Pflanzliche Öle statt Butter Eine gesunde Alternative zu Butter können pflanzliche Öle wie Olivenöl, Rapsöl oder Avocadoöl sein, die reich an ungesättigten Fettsäuren sind. Auch pflanzliche Margarine auf Basis von Nüssen oder Samen kann eine gute Option sein. Margarine ist dabei nicht zu empfehlen, weil bei ihrer Herstellung oft Transfette entstehen, die als ungesund gelten, da sie das Risiko für Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen erhöhen können. Generell sollten Menschen darauf achten, die richtigen Fette in ihre Ernährung zu integrieren. Dabei sind pflanzliche Fette, die ungesättigte und mehrfach ungesättigte Fettsäuren enthalten, besonders gesund.… weiterlesen

Eating Habits – When The Feeling Of Satiety Is Lost

Eating beyond hunger is an issue for many, especially during the Christmas season. But: Eating behavior differs. While some have to remind themselves to eat enough, others can’t get enough and have to deal with a permanent appetite. In such cases, the usual feeling of satiety usually no longer sets in. Causes can be habits – but diets also play a major role. Eating? Only when hungry instead of giving in to appetite. “The first step to getting better always starts with admitting to having an unhealthy relationship with food. If you don’t take countermeasures early on, you will almost inevitably become overweight,” says weight loss coach Jan Bahmann, who has helped hundreds of people successfully change their diet and reach their desired weight. Here are his tips on how to regain a healthy relationship with food once you’ve lost the feeling of fullness. Hungry or appetite? If you suddenly get a craving for chocolate or strawberry cake, even though it hasn’t been that long since your last meal, it’s usually an appetite. In contrast, real hunger builds up only slowly: It is a warning signal from the body that nutrients are running low because it hasn’t had anything to eat for a while. A sinking feeling in the stomach is typical of real hunger. Some people even feel really sick from hunger. And it doesn’t really matter what’s on the table – when you’re really hungry, almost anything tastes good. Appetite is different: It is directed toward something specific and is not triggered by an empty stomach, but has other backgrounds, for example in the emotional area. Eat without distraction People who chew while concentrating on their cell phones are often not aware that they are eating or what they are eating. As a result, the point of satiety is missed. Eating as an activity is completely sufficient – additional entertainment is unnecessary and ultimately even reduces enjoyment. If you manage to avoid any distractions while eating – it’s also much easier to finish the meal at the right time. Slow eating The feeling of satiety usually sets in after about twenty minutes. However, you can’t notice this stop signal in time if you eat at record speed beforehand. For this reason alone, it is a good idea to take your time when eating and to chew a lot and extensively. It also helps to put down your cutlery in between meals, drink water and check whether you are really still that hungry.… weiterlesen

Is A Gastric Balloon The Solution For A Dream Body?

What you should know about a gastric balloon? A large part of society in affluent countries suffers from an almost undeniable excess weight. At the same time, many households have already tried various diets and exercise programs – usually with moderate success. Who looks for assistance, lands therefore often with the stomach balloon. A gastric balloon has the effect of contributing to a faster feeling of satiety during eating. “However, it should not be seen as a panacea,” says nutrition coach Jan Bahmann. Because as popular as this therapy may be, it rarely leads to lasting success. In this article, the weight loss coach explains the opportunities and risks of the procedure. This is how the gastric balloon helps Those who decide to have a gastric balloon inserted should be aware of the following: they are choosing a minor surgical procedure that often costs between 3,000 and 4,000 euros. The choice should therefore be well thought out from a financial point of view. Many of those affected hope that this measure will enable them to achieve a feeling of satiety more quickly in the future and thus eat less. In fact, the plastic ball inserted in the stomach ensures that the volume of the stomach is significantly reduced. Food intake is then only possible in small quantities. In this way, a calorie deficit is created, which causes excess pounds to melt away. Important nutrients get lost Usually, the first successes are achieved relatively quickly, and the desired weight loss can be seen on the scales. But beware: the reduced amount of food eaten usually also means that the daily requirement for vitamins, trace elements and minerals is barely covered. Because if you eat less, you are always deleting vital building blocks from your diet. The first symptoms of a nutrient deficit can take the form of fatigue, lack of energy or headaches and dizziness. They must not be ignored, otherwise they will actually result in damage to health. Progress is followed by a step backward Initial progress is followed by rapid regression. Regardless of the nutrients, many sufferers experience a new sense of life in the first few weeks when their body weight drops. If the inserted plastic balloon is then removed from the stomach again after six months because it is not resistant to stomach acid, most of those affected gain weight again. The reason: Many people with a gastric balloon have relied on its help with eating for too long.… weiterlesen

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