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CultureAndCream author from Stuttgart Lisa has a Master's Degree in Corporate Communications, is an enthusiast with a crush on Portugal, a big passion for Asia, and loves walking in the rain. Her wanderlust takes her off-the-beaten path to discover small neighborhoods and food she’s never tried. She enjoys learning about different cultures, how to be the best version of herself, and likes swapping recipes with other travelers.

Guaranteed! Embracing Good Hydration is a Small Act of Daily Self-Care

Staying on top of hydration can be quite a challenge. And while most of us know the benefits of drinking enough water reach from glowing skin, to organ function and hormone balance, as well as hair follicles growing healthy – 3 out of 4 are not drinking well. Time to change! Often asked how something so simple can be so difficult, it’s actually less about being hard and a lot more about building healthy hydration habits in order to become a confidant water sipper. Making just a few adjustments in your everyday will deliver improvements that might just amaze you. 5 easy ways Here are five easy ways to make staying hydrated less intimidating, more fun and do-able on a full schedule. Life can get challenging – drinking water shouldn’t be! Be prepared! Take your water everywhere you go. Not just the gym. It’s the best visual reminder to keep on sipping – at your desk, on your nightstand, in your bag, in the car. On you always, never without is the easiest way to make drinking water a good habit.Use a water bottle you really like because you’ll actually enjoy reaching for. It has that favorite jeans effect – you will be surprised just how often you use it! If you’re not happy with the one you have, change that.Add natural flavors with fresh fruits like lemon, grapefruit or lime, along berries and herbs of any kind. Your water will taste delicious while adding extra vitamins.Make it a habit. Try to sip an itty bit every 20-30 minutes. Drinking in small sips throughout the day is the key to achieve hydration goals. It takes away the pressure of feeling like you have to drink a lot and is actually better for that radiant glow within.Set a timer to drink on extra busy days. There are some cool water track Apps for free that help you stay on top, never missing a sip. Remember a new routine needs time to flow naturally. Give yourself 30 days to adapt and figure out what works best. Making small tweaks to fit your own lifestyle will let you get better step by step, while embracing your very own version of a daily water routine to obtain your best hydrated self ever. Cheers!Share your best tricks to embrace good hydration habits @margitruediger THE ART OF CULTIVATING HYDRATION Also Known as 3 Delicious Ideas to Upgrade Your Water Routine.… weiterlesen

Deauville has Magic in the Air

Instantly feels like the right place to be Als meine Freundin Sophie schrieb, wir sollten uns diesen Summer unbedingt When my dear friend wrote and told me that we should meet up in Paris this summer I was head over heels. I had not seen her in ages and Paris is always a fabulous place. But the feeling of Parisian bliss soon faded after realizing that the city of love would actually be quite a challenge travelling with five children and four adults. So we decided to limit Paris to one day and find another destination for the remaining four. Being a true Parisienne by heart my friend Sophie popped up an alternative plan and in no time convinced me to head out west of Paris toward Normandy. Never questioning her decision I started packing, as I had not yet had an opportunity to explore this region of France. Bless her heart, I was so happy she did, as I found so much more than the little fisher’s village at the Cote Fleurie (Flower coast) I had expected. Sophisticated and charming Arriving in Deauville I started walking the streets, feeling the energy this town has had for the past century and then it happened – it struck me with love at first sight. This vibe of unquestionable charm, paired with a hint of Parisienne attitude, put together in a chic and relaxing mode, was the mood from now on. The home to Coco’s striped jersey shirt on wide legged trousers, big film star hats, and wooden beach cabins passed on from one generation to the next was in the air everywhere. It is this very particular feeling that will grab your heart by surprise, never feeling the same wearing your favorite striped shirt again. The right one for eryone at any time Whether you are looking for a quick 24h escape of Parisian madness, are curious to follow Coco and Elizabeth’s footprints, or would just like to enjoy a fun day on the beach – you will find Deauville is the right fit to boost your any kind of mood. It’s magic will leave you absolutely fascinated no matter which season you choose. There is no doubt Deauville is one of the most distinguished sea resorts in France and no surprise it’s always been a favorite get away destination for Parisians. Things to do When visiting Deauville there are a lot of things to do.… weiterlesen

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