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Culture & Cream-Autor aus Österreich Als diplomierter Fitness- und Ernährungstrainer hat Simon Mathis bereits mehr als 600 Selbstständige, Unternehmer und Führungskräfte dabei unterstützt, wieder in ihre Lieblingskleidung von früher zu passen sowie fitter und gesünder zu werden. Wenn es um das zeiteffektive und nachhaltige Abnehmen geht, ist er ein absoluter Experte.

Home Workout: Fitness Coach Reveals The Best Tips

Home workout is more important than ever in today’s world. More and more people work from home and should also pay attention to their own health and fitness in the home office. For this, many invest in fitness equipment for the home, which then often ends up unnoticed in a corner. Home workout as an effective workout at home. “Although many people have fitness equipment in their home, it is often not used. I often hear from people that they get less exercise than usual,” explains Simon Mathis. However, the nutrition and fitness consultant emphasizes, “The good news is that you can still stay fit with the right home workout – without a gym or sports club.” In this article, Simon Mathis presents the best tips for effective home workouts. Warm up before the actual workout One important step that many people overlook before a workout is warming up. It’s tempting to forgo a warm-up because you’re going to sweat during your workout anyway. However, this is a big mistake. A cold musculature is more prone to injury and can also perform less in training.. A well perfused musculature, on the other hand, is able to perform to its full potential in training. Therefore, exercisers should be sure to warm up, such as by doing light exercises on an exercise bike or without weights. When you start to sweat slightly, you have reached the right body temperature and are ready for your workout. Align repetition numbers to goals It is important to know that the number of repetitions in the exercises should vary depending on the desired body shape. If you want to build muscle, you should do about eight to 12 repetitions per set. Once you can do more reps, you should increase the weight until you are back in that range. On the other hand, if you’re aiming more for general fitness and a defined body, you should do 15 to 25 reps per set to build strength endurance. Prefer complex exercises In addition, complex exercises involving many muscle groups at the same time should be prioritized in the workout. These exercises challenge the body more in terms of coordination and strength effort, save training time and lead to optimal training success. In addition, complex exercises such as squats, push-ups and rowing involve moving heavier weights, which contributes to a higher release of natural growth hormones. Therefore, athletes should always choose exercises that use multiple muscle groups in their workout.… weiterlesen

New Year’s resolutions? Set realistic weight loss goals that you stick to

Weight loss, more fitness. Every year, many people make good resolutions for the new year that are just as quickly outdated again. Often they don’t even survive the first month of the year that has just begun. The initial enthusiasm rapidly wanes and the inner pig takes over again. “This is often because the goals are too ambitious and cannot be integrated into everyday life,” explains Austrian fitness and nutrition coach Simon Mathis. Weight loss is an important New Year resolution for many people. “But the realization that you’ve set your goals too high comes too late for most people, however, and they fall back into old patterns before they’ve really started,” says Simon Mathis. The fitness and nutrition coach deals every day with people who set themselves too ambitious goals – and then practically never achieve them. In the following article, he reveals seven tips on how to stay realistic and stick to what you’ve set out to do. Specify the goal in concrete terms Those who formulate a clear “why” for themselves take an active role and are much more likely to stick to their target. Rough weight loss goals, such as “I want to lose weight,” should be reformulated: A certain pair of pants should fit again, or when playing with the kids, you should be able to keep up again. Realistic goal setting for weight loss Even the best resolution ends in bitter disappointment if the goal is unattainable from the start. The rule of thumb for losing weight is: 0.8 to one percent of body weight can be lost per week without putting too much strain on the body. So if you weigh 100 kilograms, you can reduce your weight by 800 to 1,000 grams per week. An example: For a desired weight of 90 kilograms, therefore, at least ten weeks should be planned. Overcome impatience Anyone who gives up a piece of chocolate in the evening when losing weight would prefer to see the results the next morning. Fluctuations on the scales also quickly cause unease and discouragement. But this is quite normal. They can often be traced back to water retention due to carbohydrates and salty food. Meaningful trends are better assessed over a longer period of time rather than on a daily basis. Weight loss – approach it in the long term From work, many are familiar with the process of a project: There is a fixed start and end point and after completion of the project, it is filed as a whole.… weiterlesen

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