Tested for you: „Night Body Serum“ from Moroccanoil

A body serum for the night is a different, promising approach to body skin care. This is far too often criminally neglected. However, just like the face, important repair and regeneration processes take place here while we sleep.

The regenerating night body serum from Moroccanoil supplies the cells with highly effective ingredients: A combination of argan and tsubaki oil is rich in antioxidants that prevent loss of firmness and moisture in the tissue. Tulsi (holy basil) extract protects against damaging environmental factors, and vitamin C ester not only has a smoothing and strengthening effect on the skin, but also gives it a more radiant and therefore more youthful appearance.

II first read the reviews about the night body serum on the Internet, which I take the time to do in advance for the sake of interest with most products, even if you have to make compromises in terms of authenticity. For example, the following is written about the body serum: “Sensational, I am now 56 and the first wrinkles are appearing. The serum has plumped up my skin again. I have now reordered it again. I wouldn’t want to be without it.”

Another user from Italy commented: “Mi piace moltissimo, ha un profumo delicato, si assorbe molto bene e lascia la pelle morbidissima.” (“I like it very much, it has a delicate fragrance, is absorbed very well and leaves the skin very soft.”). I can’t find any negative comments. I’m curious to see what my verdict will be.

A body serum like liquid gold

However, the serum only looks like liquid gold in the tinted bottle. It flows out of the dispenser in a transparent and pleasantly sluggish way so that it doesn’t run through your fingers straight away. I breathe in the scent. Incredibly delicious, like a tempting dessert. This alone makes me look forward to my new skincare ritual every evening.

Before going to bed, I apply a thin layer to the body. I concentrate mainly on the legs and arms, which are particularly happy about a more youthful appearance. To stimulate circulation, I massage the smooth serum into the skin in gentle upward movements. It is actually absorbed very quickly without leaving an oily film on the surface. So you don’t have to worry about leaving any traces on your bed linen. The skin feels wonderfully velvety-soft and nourished afterwards – even the next morning.

I find it difficult to judge whether the skin is actually firmer after several weeks of use, even from a purely visual perspective. According to an independent consumer study of women aged between 21 and 40, 93 percent noticed an improvement in skin texture after four weeks of use. What I have certainly noticed, however, is that my skin feels intensely nourished and good in the treated areas.

„Night Body Serum“ from Moroccanoil,* 3.4 Fl.oz , 50,54 Euro

*This is an affiliated link. You don’t pay more. It is just a little thank you for our team.

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