What are the Benefits of a Face Mist?


Now, after the summer, one often has the feeling that the skin is drier than usual. Simply spray moisture on, that sounds very tempting. But can these face mists really do anything?

The small spray bottles containing face mist are touted by the beauty industry as the perfect freshness kick and stimulant for every occasion. Regardless of whether you need a second wake-up call in the morning after getting up or whether your skin is down at noon. “A face mist is used to refresh the skin quickly,” Loretta Miraglia, Senior Vice President Product Development at La Mer, once explained to me at a summer lunch while she was pulling a bottle out of her pocket. “It invigorates, revitalizes, soothes and relaxes the skin. At the same time, it irons out small wrinkles caused by dryness.“

Pure water instead of face mist?

Doesn’t water serve the same purpose? The answer is “no”, it doesn’t work with normal water. It is usually much too chalky and dries out the skin even more. However, it does matter which facial spray you use. Sure, they all provide moisture. That is undisputed. But it really depends on the ingredients. Which active substances are contained and in which concentration – that is the prerequisite for them to actually work for the skin.

Compared to the past, the new facial sprays are a kind of sprayable serum. They no longer only contain flower or thermal water, but often active substances such as those found in a serum. These can do a lot more than soothe and moisturize. The power formulas in the sprays include, for example, vitamins, niacinamide, probiotics, aloe vera, resveratrol or cannabidiol, magnesium salts and hyaluron, also bleaching substances are also used.

Check out your face mist

When buying, first pay attention to the basic substances that the spray contains humectants. Glycerin or hyaluronic acid should be in there. Then you already have the right basis. It helps to lock the moisture in the skin and moisturize the surface. Second, you should take a close look at the active ingredients so that they are adapted to the current needs of your skin. Only with the right formulation are they more than a refreshing spray, they have the power to make a difference. In the appropriate composition, they can fight acne, provide a dry complexion with lasting moisture and also optimize the absorption of the subsequent skin care products.

But remember: Face mist can also be counterproductive, i.e. dehydrating. It happens when you are in an extremely dry environment or in winter when your skin is naturally drier. If you then use a hyaluronic acid spray in this exceptional situation – dry skin plus dry air – it does not any good. Because hyaluron acts like a moisture magnet that draws moisture from the skin and the environment. If that is the case, there is a trick to bind the valuable ingredients of the spray to the skin. A moisturizer or facial oil is used to “seal” the spray mist.

Use it properly

In order for a face mist to work optimally, you have to use it correctly. A good tip for the morning is to spray on the face after cleansing, before serum and day care. In this way, the following products can be better absorbed and have a more intense effect to the skin. The effect is similar to an essence, only that the mist of a facial spray brings significantly more refreshment. It is also an ideal preparation for the foundation. However, anyone who now believes that a face mist can replace normal maintenance is wrong. It is more of a supportive measure of the daily beauty routine.

Spraying is always done with eyes closed from a distance of about fifteen centimeters. The cool spray then covers the skin like a fine mist. If you don’t want to spray it directly on your face, you can also pad the product with a cotton pad. However, keep in mind that some liquid is always lost in this way because it gets stuck in the pad. Face mists are also helpful with minor make-up mishaps. Too much make-up can be blended more easily on damp skin. And for the extra glow in the evening, better spray instead of matting the skin with powder. This results in a shiny, fresh finish. And a little shine looks a lot more natural anyway.

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