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High Sensivity: You Have a Right to All Your Feelings

High sensivity – “Just the fact that there is a word for it takes so much pressure off!”, finds coach & yoga teacher Nina Krüger. Here’s her story and how she learned to deal with her emotions. High sensivity has been with me all my life. Even as a child, of all the fairy tales I could identify most with the “Princess and...

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Alcohol makes you age faster

Birthdays, Christmas, the master’s degree – whenever there is a party in our culture, alcohol is part of it. And when people are sitting together in such a cozy atmosphere, they often like to drink a little too much. Who thinks about his skin in such moments? But the fact is that it takes a month for the skin to recover from a single night of...

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For more Strength and Stability: 5 Effective Exercises to Get through the Winter healthy

Especially in the cold months you should take good care of your body, because in addition to the ongoing pandemic comes the flu wave. Due to the bad weather and the current home office duty, many people suffer from lack of exercise. However, health expert Alexander Srokovskyi knows what to do. “To strengthen the body in a targeted manner, the defense...

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7 Tips Against Winter Depression: This Is What You Can Do

The days are getting shorter, the light is getting less, life is retreating indoors again: In the cold season, many people suffer from winter depression. But you don’t have to give in to it without a fight – with a few tips and tricks, you can help yourself get a grip on approaching winter depression. How winter depression actually develops?...

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