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Heat – 6 Expert Tips to Keep Cool

Due to climate changes, we have to deal with longer lasting periods of heat more and more often. The high temperatures affect the body and mind. This means problems falling asleep, dizziness and headaches. These symptoms can be observed more and more frequently during hot spells. Reason enough to arm yourself against the heat. Staying cool in the heat...

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If You Have Acne, Be Careful In The Sun!

Ever heard of the rebound effect? It is also called boomerang effect. It describes a counter-reaction of what you actually expected. This is exactly what happens when UV rays hit acne. Although there is an initial improvement, the skin’s appearance soon worsens again. Teenagers with acne on their faces are often sent out into the sun by their mothers...

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From 100 to zero: Detox Crash Course at the SHA Wellness Clinic in Albir, Spain

If, like me, you live a more or less hedonistic lifestyle – the odd glass of wine, the occasional poultry or steak, three espressos a day – anxiety sets in: Three full days of detox, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no salt, no animal products. Why a piece of land overlooking Benidorm seems the perfect place for a health clinic is baffling....

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High Sensivity: You Have a Right to All Your Feelings

High sensivity – “Just the fact that there is a word for it takes so much pressure off!”, finds coach & yoga teacher Nina Krüger. Here’s her story and how she learned to deal with her emotions. High sensivity has been with me all my life. Even as a child, of all the fairy tales I could identify most with the “Princess and...

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