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New Science: Why Brown Fat is Good and White Fat is Bad

I recently got a strange PR text about a body cream in my mailbox. It was claimed that the new product for belly and hips can turn white fat cells into brown ones. How is this metabolic remodeling supposed to be accomplished with creams alone, I ask myself, when even serious scientists in this field are still largely fishing in the dark. The human body is...

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Guaranteed! Embracing Good Hydration is a Small Act of Daily Self-Care

Staying on top of hydration can be quite a challenge. And while most of us know the benefits of drinking enough water reach from glowing skin, to organ function and hormone balance, as well as hair follicles growing healthy – 3 out of 4 are not drinking well. Time to change! Often asked how something so simple can be so difficult, it’s actually less...

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Aloe vera. The Clean9 program says goodbye to the corona pounds. Ingeniously simple!

Feel Better. Look Better. Feel Better. Look Better. This is the slogan for the Aloe Vera Forever Clean9 program. A real fat burner, especially in times of long lockdowns, without the usual training routine in the gym. And the spring cleaning for the organism is also on my agenda. I wanted to lose two kilos I put on during Easter holidays. My sister just...

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Shower in the Morning or in the Evening? New findings.

Dermatologists agree that showering or bathing too often and too long is harmful to the skin. What does this mean exactly and when is the best time of day to cleanse the body with soap and water? And what about a soothing bubble bath, for many a beloved ritual where you can relax so wonderfully? A small study in my environment – which of course makes...

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