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My Tip: Lifting at the Hairdresser, the slightly different Beauty Cut

For a rejuvenating effect on the face, you don’t always have to see the Beauty Doc with a syringe or even the scalpel. Stefan M. Pauli, owner of the Salon Pauli in the Brienner Quartier in Munich, told me how the right haircut can rejuvenate a face and make it look brighter. That a haircut can have a good lifting effect sounds strange at first. “But that’s right,” confirms Stefan M. Pauli. “All lines on the face that are aspiring radiate something positive, lively, friendly. Everything that optically points down does the opposite.“ Seems logical to me! Because dropping corners of the mouth and long, straight hair hanging down, have always something sad. Precisely such features are decisive for the haircut, especially for the contours on the face.

Creating counter energies

Pauli: „I look at where I see lines emerging in the customer’s face, which I emphasize with the contouring, i.e. cut, or conceal if necessary. For example, if someone has strong nasolabial folds or sloping corners of the mouth, and then I cut hair that has the same course at exactly this height, the face looks even more tired. If I also lose fullness on the top of the head, I get the feeling that energy really escapes from this look.“ As a countermeasure, the cut is kept slightly shorter at the top, so that the first lot of the hair already makes a swing outwards. “With this I create a counter energy to the falling lines”, explains the expert. But only a real hair professional can do that. You shouldn’t even attempt such experiments yourself. Not even if you have already practiced on yourself and others with scissors during the corona lockdown!

Stefan M. Pauli, Owner Salon Pauli in Munich
Photos: Petra Schönberger, Hair: Stefan M.Pauli

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