Tested for you: Strong nails in 6 days with “Repair Mode” from OPI

Broken nails – almost every woman is familiar with this problem. “Nail damage is caused by everyday activities such as hand washing, brushing and showering, which destroy the keratin bonds. Treating nail damage is one of the biggest consumer needs with the lowest product satisfaction,” explains Sarah Fairneny, Vice President, OPI Research & Development. Nails become weak, thin, soft, tear quickly and ugly ridges appear on the surface.

Stronger nails in only six days

With most of the repair products I have tried so far, I have only noticed a temporary strengthening of the nail plate at best. Sarah Fairneny also confirms this: “Until now, nail strengthening products have generally reinforced the nail with polymeric film formers that form a protective layer on the nail. As soon as the product is removed, the strengthening effect is gone.”

The new “Repair Mode” nail serum is different. It is said to penetrate deep into the nail to repair 99 percent of the keratin protein and promises to build nails that are four times stronger in just six days. The secret is Ulti-Plex Technology, similar to the Plex products that have revolutionized hair care. It mimics the protein structure of the natural nail to repair nails from the inside out. The active ingredients in the serum build up new keratin bonds and thus ensure stronger, smoother and repaired nails. At the same time, they are protected from further external damage.

Even more reinforcement

To repair my nails, I used the serum morning and evening for six days. They were indeed smoother and stronger after this short time. My nails look and feel better because the slight ridges from before have been filled in. That’s lucky, because even the best polish colors don’t look good on uneven surfaces.

But the six days with “Repair Mode” were not enough strengthening for me. I then used the Nail Envy Strengthener from OPI. It has been upgraded with a new and improved vegan formula. The Tri-Flex Technology polymer forms a liquid protective shield on the surface of the nails, which strengthens them. The formula also contains biotin, vitamins A, C, E and calcium as a nourishing element.

I think it’s great that the reinforcement is also available in color. The Nail Envy Color Palette comprises a total of eight shades. Of the four new shades, Powerful Pink, Tough Luv, All Night Strong and Double Nude-y, the midnight blue “All Night Strong” is my absolute favorite. It is not only an absolute eye-catcher in the evening.

OPI „Repair Mode“, 9ml, $25.00 and Nail Envy, 15ml, $19.96

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