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Tested for you: Neck and décolleté concentrate “The Elevator” by Trinny London

The neck and décolleté are often the poor relation when it comes to skin care routines. Yet these two areas of the body in particular need a lot of attention. This is because the skin on the neck and décolleté is twice as thin as on the rest of the body. It is also drier because there are fewer sebaceous glands and there are also fewer collagen fibers in these areas to support firmness and elasticity. The neck and décolleté therefore have little power to resist gravity.

But that’s not all. The neck in particular is constantly in motion and permanently exposed to UV radiation, often without sun protection. The frequent turning and tilting of the head can cause horizontal wrinkles to form on the neck. The skin on the décolleté, on the other hand, can stretch due to the weight of the breast and cause vertical wrinkles to form. For these reasons, the skin in these two areas often ages visibly faster than on the face. Similar to the hands, the neck and décolleté reveal a woman’s true age. From the age of 30, it is therefore advisable to regularly moisturize and protect the skin of the neck and décolleté.

“Elevator” lifts the neck and décolleté

While it is good to apply skincare to the neck, a targeted approach is even better. Trinny London has developed “The Elevator”, a rich, highly active skincare concentrate – vegan and free from animal testing – to reduce precisely the unloved ageing processes described above.

“It took us a long time to develop a formulation in our laboratory that actually works. Our highly effective concentrate tackles sagging skin with ingredients that lift and firm the neck – for a neck you won’t want to hide.” Trinny Woodall, founder & CEO

What exactly is a concentrate? A concentrate contains the best active ingredients from a serum and a moisturizer. It delivers highly effective substances in a rich, nourishing composition to address persistent skin needs in specific areas.

It’s going up …

Trinny London’s concentrate targets the problems of the neck and décolleté and reduces the impact of the factors that lead to accelerated skin ageing in these often neglected areas of the body. In “The Elevator”, this is an innovative cohesive technology that strengthens the “glue” that holds the skin layers together. More specifically, it is the phyto-extract from the Isodon plant that strengthens the genes that hold the epidermis and dermis together. In this way, sagging skin can be lifted and its resistance to gravity improved.

There is also an active ingredient cocktail of different peptides. These have a smoothing, firming and restructuring effect by improving the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin. The balm-like formula also contains encapsulated alpha arbutin. This powerful antioxidant slows down melanin production and therefore the formation of age spots.

My „Elevator“ test

To start with. I like the colorful Trinny London products for their appearance alone. The purple “Elevator” bottle is not only attractive, but also clever. The mechanism is ingenious and super safe: turn at the bottom and the silver-colored dispenser head appears at the top.

Three pumps are enough for the neck and décolleté. As a predominantly side sleeper, my décolleté is also stressed overnight, so that I often wake up in the morning with the typical longitudinal wrinkles. In addition, both zones belong to the sun-exposed areas of the body, the so-called sun terraces, which are too often exposed to the sun. I also forget to apply UV protection to my neck and décolleté on some days.

My skincare routine now looks like this: !I apply the concentrate twice a day with gentle upward movements. Cleansing/serum/concentrate/LSF in the morning and cleansing/peeling/serum/concentrate in the evening. After just a few weeks, the skin will be smoother and better moisturized and wrinkles will be prevented from forming in the first place.

I also regularly use a gentle scrub to cleanse my neck and décolleté. It removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin perfectly for subsequent care. Important rule: don’t rub roughly!

Who’s behind Trinny London?

The founder is the British presenter and makeover expert Trinny Woodall. She founded her company Trinny London in 2017. She wanted to develop beauty miracle weapons that give more self-confidence and emphasize the individual advantages of a face. All with an optimized and time-saving beauty routine. Their signature product is the so-called stacks. These are stackable jars of cream-based make-up that can be put together to form compact towers. Pretty and totally practical. This prevents the beauty bag from bursting at the seams.

“The Elevator” by Trinny London, 50 ml, £68.00

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