Tested for you: Retinol in handbag size „Micro-Encapsulated Retinol Stick“ from Melumé

Retinol stick instead of serum – Retinol is the current miracle weapon against skin ageing. It stimulates cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin. It is responsible for an even complexion, refined pores, and the smoothing of small wrinkles. The anti-ageing hero normally comes in liquid form as a serum. The “Micro-Encapsulated Retinol Stick” from Melumé, a brand that relies on active ingredients in their most bioavailable forms to guarantee effective absorption and availability, is brilliant for on-the-go use.

How does the “Micro-Encapsulated Retinol Stick” work?

The highly concentrated, nourishing serum balm with 10% encapsulated, time-released retinol microspheres, astaxanthin, omega-3,-6,-9-Polyglycerides,, the exclusive Gmod Complex and botanical oils ensures flawless skin.

Thanks to the innovative encapsulation technology, the retinol is released bit by bit, resulting in better efficacy and less irritation. Targeted to areas of the skin that need more attention and nourishing care, the handy stick can be used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, spots and pores.

What exactly is the Gmod complex?

The G-Complex developed and patented by Melumé is a triple skin-affine power formula made from the patented Melilotus officinalis melilot peptide. It activates growth factors and increases the GDF11 protein level. Dolichos biflorus from plant cell cultures strengthens the anti-inflammatory microflora and glycokines, oligosaccharides from biofermentation, stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Why is the “Micro-Encapsulated Retinol Stick” so special?

For the experts at Melumé Skinscience, highly concentrated active ingredients for application to the skin’s surface and prolonging their effect are an essential part of product development. In their formulations, they use intelligent active ingredient delivery systems such as encapsulations, microspheres and liposome systems that extend bioavailability, deliver the active ingredients to their precise target and to the exact depth of the skin, thus intensifying their effectiveness.

“Micro-Encapsulated Retinol Stick” – the ideal companion for on the go

Carrying a serum with you in your handbag can be precarious. The cap comes loose and the valuable liquid spreads over the contents of your bag. The stick in its solid form is therefore perfect for quick care on the go.

I often travel by train or plane, so the “Micro-Encapsulated Retinol Stick” is now a reliable companion. I always apply it in a circular motion to the laugh lines, lip lines and cheeks – an uncomplicated and non-messy booster to my skin that instantly smoothes out, visibly rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

Finally, a few words about Melumé Skinscience

Melumé Skinscience was developed by passionate and successful experts from all areas of the beauty industry. They have used their experience and expertise to develop a skincare brand that meets all the needs of good and effective skincare. It is based on the strong conviction that the best skincare is

The result is an innovative and results-oriented beauty line. There are no compromises in the formulations. Only ingredients that focus on skin health and effectiveness are used. New, powerful active ingredients are tinkered with until the right combination and concentration is found. The latest scientific findings are used in the process. Before being launched on the market, the products have to undergo numerous rounds of testing to guarantee that all the skin’s needs are really met.

„Micro-Encapsulated Retinol Stick“ from Melumé, 15 ml, US$ 79

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