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Tested for you: Face Roller „Resculpting Flash Roller“ from Clarins

A massage roller for the face is quite a sensible investment for the daily beauty routine. I have already reported about my positive experiences with the Gua Sha stone made of rose quartz. Now there is a massage roller from the house of Clarins, marked by the Clarins Spa expertise. With it, you can get at least some of the wonderful treatments at the institute for a facial at home.

The roller has two good sides, so it’s a two-in-one device that activates lymphatic flow and relieves facial tension, just like lymphatic drainage. At one end of the handily shaped white tool sit two red, movable rollers. Its mechanical principle of action boosts radiance, revitalizes and invigorates. The opposite end has the curved edges of a Gua Sha stone, which perfectly fit the contours of the face and exert a lifting and decongestant effect on the tissue through precise pressure and massage.

A massage roller for relaxing moments

As described in the instructions, I use the roller in the morning and evening on bare, cleansed skin, while using the curved sides of the Gua Sha along with my usual skincare routine. First I massage the cheek area with the rollers: I place one roller at the root of the nose, the other at the corner of the mouth. Then I stroke it upward toward the ear – back and forth seven times. I make the same movement on the opposite side.

Continue to the jawline: To do this, I massage with light pressure along the jawline from the chin to the ear and back. Again, seven times on both sides. For the eye area, I position the roller under the inner corner of the eye and gently roll to the temple. Five repetitions on each eye.

At the forehead, I place the rollers parallel to the temple and use them to move to the other side and back again. The same from the other side. Again, five times. Finally, it’s the neck’s turn: To do this, I place the rollers on the chin and move them toward the base of the neck and back again from one side of the neck to the other. Five times.

83%* of women think their facial features are refined*

And now with cream…

Next, I apply my usual skin care. Now I place the curved part of the Gua Sha form at the tip of the chin and gently push the edge towards the ear with light pressure. The contour of the face nestles ideally into the curved edge. I repeat the process on the opposite side. Five repetitions per side. This is supposed to have a lifting and decongestant effect when used daily.

The effect: From the first day I feel a pleasant relaxing moment when using the massage roller. At the same time, the skin looks rosy and well supplied with blood. If you keep at it, you reap the full beauty rewards after a few weeks: the contours look firmer and the tissue appears firmer.

„Resculpting Flash Roller“ from Clarins , US$ 55

*Application test – 109 women – after 28 days of use – agreement in %.

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