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View the Outcome of Breast Augmentation Prior to the Operation

A modern 3D simulation makes this possible Every woman who plans to have her breasts enlarged is curious to know what they will look like after the operation. Uncertainties often arise when choosing the implant size. Exactly what is the difference between 300 ml and 400 ml? Which implant shape suits me and will the result really look natural? With the Crisalix 3D simulation, these questions can now be answered visually even before the procedure takes place. Dr. Leonard Nenad Josipovic, breast augmentation and breast reduction/ breast lift expert at the Rosenpark Klinik in Darmstadt demonstrates how this works: “The 3D simulation consists of a 3D camera mounted on a tablet which is equipped with a corresponding App. I scan the patient with the camera and the App creates a 3D image. It takes only a few seconds; the simulation makes it possible to select different implant sizes and shapes and to see the individual result”. The outcome of the surgery can be seen in advance “The result can be seen immediately, even in the mirror. This allows the patient to get a feel for what her breasts will look like after the operation and which size and shape is right for her. The 3D image can be forwarded by email so that the patient can consult with her partner, friends or family. This also helps enormously with the decision-making.” Seven facts you should know about breast augmentation: 1. The goal: The aim of augmentation (breast enhancement) is a naturally enlarged breast without recognizable implants or an artificial appearance. The incision should be barely noticeable, and the new, enhanced breasts should have a tactile sensation similar to that of a natural breast. 2. Indication: Those suitable for breast augmentation are healthy, emotionally stable patients who have a realistic expectation regarding what can be achieved with a proper and precisely planned operation. Possible indications for breast augmentation are a) the aesthetic desire for larger breasts, b) breasts that are too small in relation to body size and weight, c) breasts of disproportionate sizes which can only be disguised by using bra inserts, and d) disorders such as the tubular breast that causes the breasts to have a “tubular” appearance. 3. The procedure: every patient’s body measurements, weight, breast and skin/soft tissue ratio are individual. Each operation, therefore, is a unique interaction of different components: the chosen surgical approach, the selected implant and, possibly, an accompanying measure such as an additional breast lift or nipple correction.… weiterlesen