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Tested for you: Against dry feet “Repair Cream” from Gehwol Fusskraft

Many people are familiar with the problem of dry feet. Especially after winter with thick socks and warm boots, the soles of the feet can be very dry and even have cracks on the heels. I know situations like this, even though I apply cream to my feet twice a day – morning and evening – in both winter and summer, and yet they often feel dry when I take off my socks. Diabetics and neurodermatitis sufferers have it even worse. They have to deal with complaints such as cracked skin, itching and inflammation, which ultimately leads to excessive transepidermal water loss and structural defects in the deeper layers of the skin. Finding the right product for very dry feet is often a challenge. Many products are either rich and greasy or they are quickly absorbed but offer hardly any care. Rich creams with a water-in-oil (W/O) base are usually only absorbed slowly into the skin or leave a protective film on the surface of the skin, which can be perceived as unpleasant. With soy lecithin to combat dry feet With the “Repair Cream” from Gehwol, I have found the right solution for me. The magic word for soft soles is now soy lecithin. It is the key active ingredient in the cream, which helps the care substances to penetrate the skin faster and more efficiently – without making it greasy. Lecithins are lipids that form natural components of cell membranes in both humans and plants. Plant lecithins have the same power as the body’s own lecithins. One of the outstanding advantages is that lecithin has emulsifying properties. This means that it can bind together water and fat components in cosmetics and thus facilitate the formulation of creams. The lecithin spontaneously forms liquid-crystalline, stable structures – so-called liposomes – in the emulsion. The liposomes formed from lecithin have high penetration kinetics. The lipids and active ingredients in the cream are infiltrated deep into the skin of dry feet to carry out their repair work. Nourish and protect Other active ingredients in the “Repair Cream” include high-quality ingredients such as safflower and evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and squalane, which provide intensive nourishment. Powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E/tocopherol protect against harmful free radicals. Vitamin E also binds moisture, hydrating the dry skin on the feet. Glycerin and a high concentration of panthenol (5%) also contribute to moisturizing. Provitamin B5, better known as panthenol, is one of the essential supporters for dry and damaged skin.… weiterlesen

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