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Eating Habits – When The Feeling Of Satiety Is Lost

Eating beyond hunger is an issue for many, especially during the Christmas season. But: Eating behavior differs. While some have to remind themselves to eat enough, others can’t get enough and have to deal with a permanent appetite. In such cases, the usual feeling of satiety usually no longer sets in. Causes can be habits – but diets also play a major role. Eating? Only when hungry instead of giving in to appetite. “The first step to getting better always starts with admitting to having an unhealthy relationship with food. If you don’t take countermeasures early on, you will almost inevitably become overweight,” says weight loss coach Jan Bahmann, who has helped hundreds of people successfully change their diet and reach their desired weight. Here are his tips on how to regain a healthy relationship with food once you’ve lost the feeling of fullness. Hungry or appetite? If you suddenly get a craving for chocolate or strawberry cake, even though it hasn’t been that long since your last meal, it’s usually an appetite. In contrast, real hunger builds up only slowly: It is a warning signal from the body that nutrients are running low because it hasn’t had anything to eat for a while. A sinking feeling in the stomach is typical of real hunger. Some people even feel really sick from hunger. And it doesn’t really matter what’s on the table – when you’re really hungry, almost anything tastes good. Appetite is different: It is directed toward something specific and is not triggered by an empty stomach, but has other backgrounds, for example in the emotional area. Eat without distraction People who chew while concentrating on their cell phones are often not aware that they are eating or what they are eating. As a result, the point of satiety is missed. Eating as an activity is completely sufficient – additional entertainment is unnecessary and ultimately even reduces enjoyment. If you manage to avoid any distractions while eating – it’s also much easier to finish the meal at the right time. Slow eating The feeling of satiety usually sets in after about twenty minutes. However, you can’t notice this stop signal in time if you eat at record speed beforehand. For this reason alone, it is a good idea to take your time when eating and to chew a lot and extensively. It also helps to put down your cutlery in between meals, drink water and check whether you are really still that hungry.… weiterlesen

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