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Tested for you: Eyebrow Serum „ukbrow“ from UK Skinlabs

Thin and plucked up, that was once the fashion for the eyebrows. I still suffer from this sin of youth today. The trend then eventually went to a more natural look with thicker brow arches. But the “holes” in mine simply could no longer be closed. I then got my brows tattooed, which didn’t really hide the bald spots. When the eyelash and brow serums came on the market, I also tried all of them. I have tested myself up and down through various brands over the years. Some were based on the tissue hormone prostaglandin, others were purely plant-based. None of them worked for my problem, except that the remaining hairs grew so long that I had to cut them. The English eyebrow wonder Then came the summer vacation. In August of this year I read a colleague’s article online in Vogue. Tish Weinstock fared similarly to me, only she had naturally sparse brows. She, too, had used a lot of products without success, then at some point gave in to the fate of her almost non-existent brows, until a friend recommended the manufacturer of “ukbrow” to her. She decided to give this product, including the uklash eyelash serum, a chance. Weinstock wrote in her story that from week three onwards, her eyebrows began to gradually change. They became darker and thicker, the hairs longer. Even friends noticed and approached them about it. Herbal active ingredients Her report was so convincing and didn’t sound like paid advertising at all that I decided to order the product online from the “Feelunique” website. And it wasn’t expensive at £ 38 either, and shipping to Germany was free. Just a week later, the gold-colored pencil arrived at my home in the form of a mascara. The instructions for use were even available in German. The active ingredients in the serum are vitamins, peptides and plant extracts such as pumpkin seed, ginseng, grape seed and Japanese swamp star. “Ukbrow” is vegan and cruelty-free. I should apply the eyebrow serum once a day for 12 weeks for fuller and more defined brows. Obviously the right product for me, because the Swedish-Iranian company founder of the brand Nima Pourian says: “We have already helped so many women who had their brows plucked in the 90s or who lost them for medical reasons after chemotherapy, for example.” Yep, it grows! I am excited. I start my test that same evening.… weiterlesen