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Behind the Scenes with the Professionals

The biggest scientific conference in aesthetics at a glance There is one obligatory date for the biggest names in aesthetics – the annual congress IMCAS. It appears as kind of class reunion as many of the contributing speakers and consuming participants join the event in Paris for many years in a row. Not only the still magic romantic effect of the French capital, but also the option to learn and socialize fascinates aesthetic professionals from all over the world. What is IMCAS? Some facts around the congress IMCAS stands for International Master Course on Aging Science it started 21 years ago. Today it has several meetings around the globe. This year, the main congress took place in Paris January 31st to February 2nd. Imagine a huge market bringing together all players in the aesthetic world: aesthetic physicians, companies, scientific journals, agencies and service providers. Like, you can find „everybody“ who contributes in the aesthetic area there. In 2019, around 11.000 professionals joined the conference and listened to more than 300 lectures. The (aesthetics) world is guest in Paris While a figure like 11.000 participants practically represents a small town, fact is that the participants join from all corners of the world. Which shows the global role and power of cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine. This again reflects the desire of men and women all over the world to correct and improve their appearance. Almost all participants are physicians, mainly plastic surgeons and dermatologists, but also aesthetic doctors, gynecologists and some others. And here I need to point out, that the conference allows strictly only physicians practicing aesthetics to join. What is it that attracts at IMCAS? It is learning, exchange, network and innovation. Physicians travel up to 10 hours and pay a lot of money to join this 3-day meeting. The aesthetic physician today needs to be way more than „just“ a good doctor in order to do a great job. IMCAS is primary about learning. Every doctor knows that you never stop enhancing knowledge if you want to be one of the best. In the complex world of aesthetic medicine there are ongoing new clinical studies, products and devices. New methods and technologies pop up at any time, as are new brands and companies joining the field. It is about exchange and network. Many things that doctors do day by day require high level of knowledge but also great skills and experience.… weiterlesen

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