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Tested for you: “Lifting Gua Sha” from Rose Quartz by Payot

I’ve always been skeptical about massage tools like the Gua Sha and others. And I also have to admit, being too impatient. I tried most of them a few times and then put them down again and left their fate to be forgotten in some drawer. But recently I experienced a facial in Dr. Miriam Rehbein’s office in Munich, as you may have read on my blog, with a fabulous massage of the cheek-chin contour. When I then put my “Gua Sha” stone at home exactly where the beautician’s fingers had massaged, it really surprised me: It felt almost as good. Three sides, three options Since then, I’ve been doing it every day, stroking the “V” side of the Gua Sha up along the jawline from chin to ear. Like two fingers, the “V” encompasses the jawbone and its tissue. And because the cool rose quartz feels so comfortable on the skin, I go up higher in the face and use it to work on the cheek area. For the cheeks, I use the long side of the stone and move diagonally upwards along the edge of the face. Finally, it is the turn of the eye area by stroking the narrow corner of the tool from the outer corner of the eye to the hairline. After regular use, my face, especially the jaw line, looks tighter and more relaxed overall. All 26 muscles appear relaxed and the lymph flow stimulated. I prefer to use the 15 minutes in front of the TV during the daily evening news – just the right amount of time. I think this time I will on the ball, in this case the rose quartz stone. Where does the Gua Sha actually come from? Massages with precious stones such as rose quartz and jade have a long tradition in Chinese medicine (TCM). Gua Sha (pronounced “Quascha”) is made up of the two words “Gua” and “Sha”, which mean something like “scrape” and “reddening of the skin”. The stone is gently “scraped” over the face so that the skin turns red slightly due to the increased blood flow. In Chinese medicine it is assumed that after a successful facial massage, the skin is freed of toxins and blockages. Rose quartz or jade – what’s the difference? In TCM, different effects are ascribed to the two healing stones. Jade is said to have an anti-inflammatory, cleansing and decongestant effect.… weiterlesen

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