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Sex Toys Can Change Your Love Life

Vibrators, dildos and lubricants. Sex toys are no longer a taboo topic. Even serious scientific platforms deal with this topic. And rightly so, because more than half (52 percent) of all women and men between the ages of 18 and 69 use sex toys in a relationship, 72 percent of women and 31 percent of men use them during solo sex. This is the result of a study from Prof. Nicola Döring, “Media Psychology and Media Concept” at the TU Ilmenau. A survey carried out by the market research company OnePoll on behalf of Lelo, Danish manufacturer of intimate lifestyle products like sex toys, shows that bad sex not only occurs at one-night stands. A lack of passion, too much alcohol, shame, different ideas and much more can be the reason for catastrophic sex. The results are surprising and, above all, sometimes funny. Pleasure and frustration during sex When asked about the funniest and most terrible experiences in bed, there were answers such as shouting the name of the ex in the heat of the moment or falling off the couch with the result that four intervertebral discs were injured. One tried to have sex in the parking lot of a cemetery. “Let’s just say my partner thought he saw a ghost,” she confessed. “It was hilarious to me.” One in five admitted that they have had more than ten really bad sexual encounters in their life. That’s why two out of five have even broken off the act at one point or another. It is astonishing, however, that for 69 percent of those surveyed, good and bad sex is equally unforgettable. Of those who got injured while having sex, 57% said it happened in the shower, while 53% said it was caused by a position known as a “wheelbarrow”. But the highest risk of injury is “doggy style”, according to 62% of those surveyed. A third have stopped in the middle of sexual intercourse because they had to pee, and another third fell asleep on their partner during the act. “Embarrassing sex injuries or stories can make you laugh, no matter how seriously you take yourself, “says Sara Kranjcec Jukic, Global Brand Manager at Lelo.” The more of these stories are shared without prejudice and humor, the more fun everyone will have Life is not a movie – sex between real people is always embarrassing to some extent and no one can avoid it.… weiterlesen