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Success – What Does That Actually Mean?

Success is a word that has much more to it than most people realize! If you ask people of any age group about their goals in life, you will usually hear the sentence: “I would like to have a successful and fulfilling life! But what exactly is success? In order for you to be able to live a successful life, you must first be able to define the word ‘success’. Grigori Kalinski, who is a coach and entrepreneur himself – and who has had great success in these areas – knows what this definition looks like. What definition of success does society deceive us into believing? When we talk about success we often hear that only people who have enjoyed a good education, graduated from school and university with top grades and always go full throttle in their profession can be successful. The career is the most important thing of all, because only with a good salary you can buy a house and a fancy car – and only then you can say that you are a successful person. This is exactly the definition of success that society suggests to us. As early as kindergarten, we are trained to blindly follow other people’s instructions, to suppress our curiosity, to conform to the social system and to function on a daily basis. In elementary school as well as in secondary school, the leash is shortened even more and the independent thinking of most people is completely destroyed. Everyone has to say what society wants to hear from him – otherwise he will suffer the consequences. But how do the people feel who have achieved all that society demands of them? Those who have a well-paid job and a house and a car? Whose life looks exactly like that of most employees? As a rule, these people feel a deep inner emptiness. They feel burnt out and unhappy. They have the feeling that they only exist and function, that their whole life is passing them by. Is a successful life always a fulfilling life? Whether a successful life is always a fulfilled life depends on how we define success. Society’s definition of success leads in very few cases to real fulfillment and satisfaction, because a very important factor is forgotten here: The emotional needs. Although we humans strive for recognition, which we can also achieve in most jobs, we also want to live self-determined lives, create our own goals and pursue them.… weiterlesen

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