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More Success In Business? Solve Your Mindset Problems!

Women often impress with their outstanding performance. Nevertheless, they are still the exception in higher management positions. In the rarest of cases, this is due to their work, and they do not usually lack leadership skills. This is also confirmed by High Performance Coach & Business Mentor Susanne Pillokat-Tangen. Mindset check-up. “Women rarely bang their fists on the table, and when they do, they are all too easily deterred by the headwind,” says Susanne Pillokat-Tangen, who founded and successfully runs the mentoring agency together with Nicole Frenken. But it does not have to remain with this behavior pattern. That can be changed, if one works on its minimum. The Expert from Lohrheim shows women, what they must change at their internal attitude and the behavior patterns, in order to become generally accepted successfully in the business. She gives five tips on how women can free themselves from their self-doubt. Mindset: One’s goals must be big Small goals have the disadvantage that they do not motivate or electrify. Unfortunately, many self-employed women set goals for life that are of little significance. But: big goals are essential for growth. These C-goals allow a person to become a new version of themselves. This is how women succeed in growing beyond their own self-doubt. In her mentoring sessions, the expert therefore shows how female entrepreneurs set big goals and sustainably break down mental barriers that hinder them in the business world and in their career. Self-doubt is alien to one’s version of the future This new ego version 2.0 has already reached the big goal with a stronger mindset. It is an important consulting resource that is tapped in the training. The future self no longer has any self-doubts and has already put them to rest. It can be asked which path it has taken to reach this goal. In the mindset training, the female entrepreneurs receive concrete instructions on how to communicate with their own version of the future. “Future Memory” is the name of this trick, which allows the self-confident ego to be interviewed about how it got to the next level in concrete terms. Focus on your own goals Don’t compare yourself to others. Many women look far too often at their competitors and hesitate too long to make a step forward. This distracts female entrepreneurs from measuring themselves against their own goals. Instead, they lose sight of them and follow the path of other women.… weiterlesen

Women & career: Far Too Few Make It To The Top

It has long since become undeniable that the decision-making bodies of large companies in particular are predominantly staffed by men. So there is little evidence of equality for women here. And this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Career missed! Why do so many women fail to advance in their careers, even though they have all the skills needed in the boardroom? So why is it that they often just don’t want to make the leap into management positions? In this article, business mentor Jessica Verfuerth names possible reasons or prejudices why a lady boss has a harder time in professional life. Why women rarely make it into the boardroom Why women rarely make it into the boardroom Admittedly, equality for women is already a reality in some areas. In many jobs, female employees are on a par with their male colleagues. It is only in management positions that this progress is hardly noticeable. This may also be due to the fact that the quest for power is mostly different for women. Many of them do not want to fight hard for their influence. But why is it that women excel in various professions, but too rarely make it to the boardroom? Prejudice 1: Emotionality – It can be an advantage ├ťber die Geschlechterrollen in den Vorstandsetagen herrschen zahlreiche Vorurteile. Frauen sehen sich dabei oft There are many prejudices about gender roles in the boardroom. Women often face the prejudice that they are too emotional. They are not open-minded enough to objective and sensible reasons. But this is a myth that can be put aside long ago. Because women have an emotional world that is very complex. In contrast to their male colleagues, they are usually better able to realistically assess upcoming tasks, manage processes in detail and – if necessary – delegate important tasks. Prejudice 2: Shyness – It is often misinterpreted Women in management positions are always seen as a bit aloof and reserved. Is it actually possible to motivate employees in this way or to get the company ready for major challenges? The question may be justified. However, it would be wrong to try to judge what is going on inside women on the basis of their reserved behavior. Emotions are often hidden behind a certain aloofness. If necessary, however, they can come out at any time. Nevertheless, they retain their full willingness to perform. Prejudice 3: Humility – Just respond with more serenity In conclusion, women often have to defend themselves against the prejudice that it is too difficult for them to think on a large scale or to develop their own visions.… weiterlesen