Who really Wants to Look Sad and Tired?

Unfortunately, when the eyebrows lower, this is usually the result. Often a small injection can help but sometimes more is needed.

After an eyebrow lift, however, the face can look years younger. The eyebrows act as a sort of frame and give contour to the face. If they start to droop, the effect on the facial expression usually isn’t very positive “Many people look tired, exhausted or even unfriendly, even though they may feel fit, active and alert,” confirms Dr. Stefan Kalthoff of the Rosenpark Klinik in Darmstadt.

Genetic predisposition or lifestyle consequences

Such visible changes usually begin at the age of 40. “Our genetic predisposition plays an important role in this respect, but lifestyle can also influence the elasticity of the skin,” says Dr. Kalthoff. Because they press on the upper eyelid, sagging eyebrows can also cause the eyelids to droop and the field of vision may even be impaired. Since the muscle that lifts the eyebrows must constantly work against gravity, more wrinkles form on the forehead. The problem can be solved with a brow lift. This is a small, often underestimated operation with a huge effect, making the face immediately appear fresher and more open. It is essential, however, that the treatment be carried out by an expert and that a detailed consultation takes place beforehand.

Browlift with Botox

The easiest and quickest way to lift the eyebrows is with Botox. The botulinum toxin is injected above the eyebrow into the muscle which is responsible for its sinking. This creates a lifting effect that raises the eyebrow by about one to three millimeters. As the brow moves upwards, the eyelids also droop less. Since the change is minimal, it is not suited to cases where there is an extreme degree of sagging. The effect does not set in until about seven to ten days after the injection and wears off after four to six months. The advantage of this minimally invasive method is that the procedure is quick, painless and low risk. At the most, there may be small bruises and slight swelling at the injection site.

Microfocused ultrasound

Ultherapy is a non-invasive method for lifting the eyebrows which, on average, can achieve 2 to 3 millimeters. Dr. Sonja Sattler: “With Ultherapy’s microfocused ultrasound, the eyebrows, and thus the upper eyelid as well, can be gently lifted and shaped without surgery. Either the entire brow or the outer area alone is treated. Lifting in the inner area is also suitable for some types of brows”. To ensure that that no nerves or important structures are injured, the doctor first marks the precise treatment zones. This includes the edge of the eye socket, the extension of the eyelid crease outwards and the extension line upwards from the center of the pupil. “The nerve region to be avoided is specially marked,” says Dr. Sattler. After applying the contact gel, the Ultherapy head is moved line by line over the skin within the marked areas. To ensure precise treatment, a control monitor shows the exact skin layer or depth being worked on. The patient only feels a slight sting and the skin is a little reddened afterwards. The lifting effect is fully developed about four to six months after the Ultherapy treatment.

Lifting the forehead and brows

“If the lowering of the forehead is more marked, the eyebrow correction is usually combined with a complete forehead lift under general anesthesia, after which a permanent and natural result can be expected” explains Dr. Kalthoff. This can also bring about an improvement in drooping eyelids. However, this procedure requires that an incision be made in the hairline. Dr. Kalthoff: “I then detach the skin and fatty tissue up to the brows from the muscle layer. Excess skin is removed, and a fine, thin suture made without tension”. Since the seam is very delicate and hidden by the hair, there is no need to worry that it will be visible afterwards.

Risks and pain

In addition to the general surgical risks, there may be a minimal height difference in the position of the two eyebrows. However, many people already have this without ever noticing it. There may also be a temporary feeling of numbness in the forehead. The scars usually heal very well. In rare cases, hair loss may occur around the surgical suture, but this can be easily concealed by a hair transplant. Although there is only a slight amount of pain, patients are advised to stay in the clinic overnight. The stitches can be removed after eight to ten days and one can then be fully socially active again. It is advised that physical exertion be avoided up to four weeks after the operation and taken very slowly at first. Dr. Kalthoff: “For an altogether more alert and friendly look, eyebrow correction in combination with other procedures such as upper or lower eyelid lifting can be very worthwhile.”

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