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CultureAndCream Author from Berlin Stephanie Neubert has been in the beauty world of Grazia, Gala Style, Harper's Bazaar and others for more than 13 years and has experienced a lot during this time. From unusual travel, great interviews, crazy events to extraordinary people – everything was there. Over the years her interest in skincare, nutrition and wellbeing topics has grown. „A healthy passion for beauty and a opinion are important to me“, says Stephanie, who has been living in Berlin for six years as a freelance journalist. Keyword Passion: Stephanie is a passionate vintage and vase collector, a cook with heart and soul and a fan of rich skin care oils.

Firm Skin with Plasma Energy

43 years old woman wanted finally to get rid of her baby belly. She tells how she experienced the new method. At some point the subject of sagging skin affects all of us and not only those who have lost a lot of weight or women after pregnancy. As we get older and usually from around the age of 25 onward, the skin simply loses elasticity and begins to sag. For some of us sooner, for others later. For some more, for others less. This depends in part on the genetic predisposition as well as on other factors such as personal lifestyle. In such cases, a brand-new method called Renuvion which, in a unique way, uses helium plasma energy to tighten loose skin on the legs, arms, buttocks, back or neck and décolleté, can help. Without pain, without a general anesthetic and without lengthy downtime. It is only essential that one wears a corset for two to four weeks after treatment. How does it work? The process combines the properties of helium plasma with the efficiency of highly focused energy. A helium plasma beam is generated which penetrates the entire tissue, tightens the tissue layer directly under the skin and stimulates the formation of new collagen. The advantage is that the connective tissue can be heated precisely and immediately cools down to skin temperature again. The treatment is often carried out directly after liposuction. In this case, the four-millimeter narrow handpiece is inserted into the same incisions as the vibrating suction cannula used for liposuction meaning that no additional incisions need be created. However, the treatment may also be performed separately. Rosenpark Klinik is the first clinic in Germany and one of the first in Europe to use this procedure. We spoke to the patient Zohra F., 43, about her abdominal treatment: What was it exactly that bothered you about your abdomen? This has been a problem for me for a good 24 years now, ever since the birth of my children. Even though I watch my diet and do a lot of sports, I’ve never been able to get my tummy back into shape. How did the procedure work? The area to be treated was first numbed with tumescent local anesthesia, so that I felt nothing during the operation. An anesthetist was present during the entire procedure as well to ensure so that everything was comfortable for me. First of all, suction was used to remove the excess fat, then Dr.… weiterlesen

A Summit Meeting of Beauty Experts

500 doctors from the field of Aesthetic Medicine convene in Frankfurt for the “14th International Live Surgery Symposium” Wenn sich so viele nationale und internationale Schönheitsexperten zu einem When so many national and international beauty experts come together for a medical congress, it is a first-class opportunity to exchange first-hand information about the standards, trends and developments in the field of aesthetic medicine. The event was attended by top-level doctors of aesthetic dermatology, dermatosurgery and plastic surgery as well as journalists and representatives of the leading industry. The “14th International Live Surgery Symposium” (6-9 December) was held under the scientific direction of doctors Sonja and Gerhard Sattler as well as University Professor Dr. Maurizio Podda. The most outstanding feature of this Medical Congress was the real-time transmission of over 70 live treatments and operations from the Rosenpark Klinik in Darmstadt directly to the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. This was a major advantage and the lively discussions which ensued gave participants the opportunity to exchange information about state-of-the-art treatments and the latest methods. The Symposium also provides an ideal platform for developing personal networks as well as exchanging experiences and new impulses in discussions and encounters with doctors from all over the world. Culture&Cream was there first hand. What is the future of aesthetic medicine? In addition to classical surgical methods such as the facelift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or liposuction, the focus at this Live Surgery Symposium was also on minimally invasive and non-invasive methods, procedures which have increased substantially in recent years. Safety and efficacy are top priorities here for physicians and patients alike and the choice of which technology is suitable for whom requires a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and professional competence. Trends for the face In facial rejuvenation without the use of a scalpel, aesthetic combination procedures such as botulinum treatments, subcutaneous wrinkle injections with fillers, lasers, suture lifts, ultrasound and radiofrequency are becoming increasingly important. “In the field of aesthetic medicine, we are presently so far along with our accumulated experience that we can now offer patients much more than just a single surgical treatment. The minimally invasive spectrum enables the practitioner to achieve a similar, if not even better result within an individual combination of several procedures than with a single treatment,” said Congress President Dr. Sonja Sattler. Treatments such as micro-needling, for example, where the skin is stimulated with micro-fine needles to encourage collagen production, are combined with a hydra-facial treatment, which incorporates cleansing, moisturization and refining.… weiterlesen

Traveling and Beauty are my passion.
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