Tested for you: „Brow Lift Home Kit“ of Niclay

Do-it-yourself fans can look forward to it. With the brow lift kit, you can make yourself independent of appointments and opening times in the cosmetic studio or the brow stylist. You have your own “brow bar” at home. The kit in the silver disco ball bag color contains everything you need to perfectly shape your brows over a longer period of time.

The complete range with five lifting sachets, primer, glue, keratin booster and the necessary applicators is sufficient for several applications. It is completely easy due to the numbering of the sachets and understandable instructions for use. I have to say, I imagined it to be more difficult. The only thing you need in addition at home is a mirror that is big enough so that you can see yourself clearly. The pocket mirror doesn’t work here. And you should read the instructions beforehand. Accordingly, I have arranged the individual utensils from the brow lift kit in the right order so that I don’t have to look for them in action.

Fix the brows in shape

The preparation: First of all, the primer is applied to the properly cleaned eyebrows with an oil-free (!) cleanser and combed in with one of the brushes. Next, fix the hairs upwards with the water-soluble and skin-friendly adhesive. It ensures that the hair stays in exactly this position. It actually works best if you use the supplied applicator with the Y-shape to help. Because the glue dries quickly and you can then no longer “move” the hairs, you should act quickly and work one brow after the other.

The actual lifting: You take the two-part sachets of the brow lift set to hand. They contain a lotion for lifting and one for fixing the eyebrows. The lotions have the effect that to open the hair structure first and then sealed again. Leave the lifting lotion on the brows for 10-17 minutes depending on the thickness of the single hair and then removed it with a damp cotton pad. The fixing lotion is responsible for the lifting effect to last longer. It also stays on the brows for another 10-17 minutes – but without fixing the tips. Then wipe again with a dampened cotton ball.

Perfect styling for four weeks

At the very end, the keratin booster is applied to care for the brows. With an effort of – generously calculated – 40 minutes, my brows are perfectly styled again. They also look fuller because the fine hairs that are otherwise hidden in the brow arches can be seen much better by brushing upwards and fixing them. The lifting effect lasts about four weeks for me. I think, it is the ideal activity for a rainy autumn weekend! Incidentally, the brow lift kit is sufficient for five to 10 uses. But the products can also all be bought individually, in case one ran out prematurely.

Brow Lift Home Kit“ of Niclay, for 5-10 applications, 91,20 Euro

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