Tested for you: Eyebrow Wax “Brow Freeze” by Anastasia Beverly Hills

My eyebrows are difficult to tame. The hairs are long and above all unruly, reluctant to be laid in a beautiful arch. And if it succeeds then times, they do not remain long in this form. That’s why I always admire this so-called “laminated brow look” of stars like Hailey Bieber. How do they do it?

Eyebrow wax from Hollywood’s Brow Queen

Now I know the secret and of course I want to try it myself. A new tool for this is the “Brow Freeze” from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia Soare, as her real name is, is considered THE brow queen of Hollywood since she opened her eyebrow showroom in Beverly Hills in 1997. Since then, she has continued to surprise the beauty world with smart products and eyeshadow palettes with artistically inspired colors. Her latest hype is “Brow Freeze,” which makes it easy to style the signature #AnastasiaBrows look at home.

The eyebrow wax comes in a flat, round tin and is so transparent that it is almost invisible in the little pot. For application, I use the “Brow Freeze Applicator”, which has a spatula on one side and a brush on the other. You have to buy it separately, but it’s worth the expense.

With spatula and brush

The spatula makes it very easy to get the product out of the jar. You also need only a little of it. Actually, you should warm the product on the lid with the brush and then comb into the brows, so it says at least in the instructions. But since my brow hairs are so stubborn, I leave the mini portion of wax on the spatula and use it to press the hairs flat along the entire brow. Then I brush them into shape until the wax dries.

The eyebrows get a wonderful shine and stay all day the way I brushed and fixed them in the morning. However, I don’t feel any of it, and that’s a good thing! The wax coats the eyebrows without weighing them down.

TIP FROM ANASTASIA: After the eyebrows have been combed into the right place with the brush, go over the brows again with the spatula – this will keep the brows bombproof all day.

Eyebrow correction with color

Some days I like to add extra emphasis to my brows or make them look fuller, then I use an eyebrow pencil or powder before waxing. When correcting the brows, always remember: for a natural effect, apply the lighter shade at the base of the brow and the darker shade from the center of the arch to the end.

„Brow Freeze“ from Anastasia Beverly Hills, US$ 23, „Brow Freeze Applicator“, US$ 17.

eyebrow wax

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