Tested for you: 2 new mascaras from Artdeco’s “The new generation refillable mascaras”

Refillable mascaras – once again a very good idea from Artdeco and its Green Couture collection from an ecological and economic point of view. Because almost every woman has a great need for mascaras. According to Statista, a survey conducted in 2021 revealed that around 9.58 million women in the German-speaking population aged 14 and over use mascara every day. That’s a whole lot of plastic waste when the mascara is used up and needs to be disposed of.

Refillable mascaras for volume or lengthening

The new refillable “green” mascaras from Artdeco are available in two versions: Once as “Multi Lash Volume Mascara” and once as “Endless Lashes Mascara”. Both contain at least 80 percent ingredients of natural origin (excluding water). The vegan textures consist of natural waxes such as sunflower, rice and carnauba wax, which gives them a creamy consistency. Special polysaccharides give the lashes a boost and ensure optimum durability. For a glossy finish, almond oil and an olive oil-based emollient lipid are included. This means that the two mascaras are pretty much identical in their formulation.

The brushes make the difference

I could immediately see the difference between the two mascaras when I tried them out. With the thicker brush of the volume mascara, my lashes are thicker and fuller from the very first application. The result can be increased by applying several coats without clumping.

The narrower brush of the “Endless Lashes Mascara” in the dark green bottle also reaches the smaller lashes and coats them for perfect definition. The texture dries quickly and adds length to the hairs. It creates an instant effect that visually opens up the eye. I personally get on better with the narrow brush. Not only can I avoid “black” stains on the skin around my eyes, but I can also apply mascara to my lower lashes “without a trace” if I feel like it.

Another plus point: my sensitive eyes tolerate the mascaras well. The products are also suitable for contact lens wearers. Both variants are free from mineral oil, parabens, perfume, silicone and talc. They also contain no GMOs (genetically modified organism), PEGs/derivatives or nanomaterials.

Simply refill – this is how it works

The refillable mascara units are made from 50 percent recycled plastic and can be refilled with the corresponding refill. It’s very simple: open the mascara and pull the empty container out of the bottle. Remove the cap of the refill and click it into the bottle. Then replace the cap with the brush. That’s it!

I would also like to point out that, as always, Artdeco offers good value for money – good quality at a reasonable price. Why a mascara costs 30, 40 euros and even 77 euros (e.g. Chantecaille) has never been clear to me.

„Multi Lash Volume Mascara“ and „Endless Lashes Mascara“ from Artdeco, each 16,95 Euro, Refill each 9,95 Euro

refillable mascara

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