Tested for you: Fresh musk fragrance “Vegan Musk” by Urban Scents

The fragrance “Vegan Musk” is the latest creation in the Urban Scents collection by Marie Urban-Le Febvre. To say it right away, I love her fragrances and candles in their simple but elegant blue look and their reduced opulence. Urban Scents is not about mass production, but selective purity of ingredients and handcrafted attention to detail. From the raw materials to the bottle, all the ingredients come from independent manufacturers. In this way alone, Urban Scents sets a clear signal for sustainability in the supply chain.

The new fresh, green musk fragrance is 100% vegan. Marie says: “A perfume is like an invisible tattoo. A fragrance that plays with our primal instincts.” In Vegan Musk, an almond milk accord alternates with a fruity-green effervescence and warm, beguiling musk. In addition to the almond milk accord, the top note consists of blackcurrant and angelica oil. The heart is dominated by jasmine absolute, rose, neroli and cedarwood oil. The base features ambrette absolute & oil, white musk and styrax oil.

The vegan ambrette musk

Anyone who still believes that musk notes are always of animal origin is mistaken. They can also be obtained from plants without losing the gentle feeling of sensuality and intimacy that we know from animal musk. For the new fragrance the perfumer uses an ambrette oil, also known as vegetable musk. It is obtained from the seeds of “Hibiscus Abelmoschus L”, a plant native to Asia that belongs to the mallow family. It lends perfumes a green, woody and warm musky note.

Listen to your nose

“Trust your instinct. And listen to your nose, since scents never lie.“ This is the motto of Marie Urban-Le Febvre, who founded the Urban Scents manufactory in Berlin in 2014 together with her husband Alexander Urban, both experts in the field of fragrances.

Marie: “The scent of a fragrance can conjure up long-forgotten memories, can evoke unrecognized feelings, and sometimes it can even carry us away into hidden worlds.“ She is one of those people who have an extraordinary sense of smell and a special empathy. From an early age, her goal was to become a perfumer.

After completing her chemistry studies in Paris, the Frenchwoman attended the renowned ISPICA perfumery school in Versailles. This was followed by positions in several large perfume houses, where she worked on projects for international clients. Working with master perfumers there, she had the opportunity to perfect the fine art of fragrance creation until she opened her own manufactory in Berlin in 2014. Since then, she has combined her classic perfume expertise with the unique spirit of the vibrant, multicultural city in her fragrances.

„Vegan Musk“ von Urban Scents, Eau de Parfum , 100ml, 180 Euro, Travelsize 15 ml 40 Euro

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