Tested for you: Pillow spray „Good Night“ from Farfalla

A pillow spray is supposed to help improve my sleep. Well, good night! But I’ve tried so many things to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. All with varying degrees of success, except for sleeping pills, of course. But who wants to keep taking them? That’s why I literally grasp at any straw. This one presented itself to me in the form of a pillow spray at a “sleep workshop” in the new Farfalla store in Munich. It’s the first one outside of Switzerland, by the way.

The Swiss family business can look back on 40 years of experience in aromatherapy. The wild mountain lavender for my pillow spray comes from the Cevennes in the south of France. The collaboration there with the “femmes des Cevennes” is Farfalla’s oldest aromatic plant project. The founders fell in love with the natural charm of this region over 40 years ago and with the people for whom “organic” is simply “logical”.

From the lavender field to the pillow spray

Early in the morning, the pickers swarm out to the high altitudes where the wild, rather inconspicuous mountain lavender grows and fill their huge cloths with lavender until they are full to bursting. The loads of cloth often have to be carried on the pickers’ heads for miles to where the small truck can drive. Harvesting mountain lavender is therefore arduous and extremely physically demanding.

Back to my pillow spray

“Good night – sleep well” contains a natural aroma blend of 100 percent pure natural essential oils such as – in addition to mountain lavender – vanilla extract, bergamot, orange and tonka bean, to name just the most important ones.
“Let go of your thoughts, let go of the day and wrap yourself in the soothing arms of well-deserved relaxation,” says Farfalla. The aromatherapy with lavender oil is said to improve sleep and sleep quality like no other fragrance. Just right for me, who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Saller, University of Zurich, says: “Individually significant advantages of aromatherapy are that patients can subjectively choose from a wider range of essential oils according to their experiences and preferences and thus find an appropriate essential oil for better sleep.”

I chose the lavender scent for my pillow spray in the Farfalla store. Subjectively, I didn’t like the pure Swiss stone pine oil straight away – I can’t even explain why – although I actually like woody, spicy notes. I now spray the “Good Night” spray every evening, not on my pillow, but on the top edge of my comforter. Why? Because I usually fall asleep on my back and so the lavender scent is closer to my nose. Of course, you can also spray it directly onto your pillow.

Of course, you can also spray it directly onto your pillow. Don’t worry, the transparent aromatic oil doesn’t stain. I actually fall asleep more quickly with the help of the lavender spray and sleep longer. I still don’t get the seven to eight hours of sleep a day that Farfalla says is optimal. But at least I wake up more rested than before.

A good night’s sleep is important

Sufficient sleep is not only essential so that our body can regenerate and the nightly repair mechanisms can run undisturbed. Too little sleep, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or waking up too early on a regular basis impair our ability to perform and concentrate. You simply don’t feel well. I also notice what disturbs my sleep when I’ve had an “unhealthy” day – with too little fresh air, stress, poor eating habits and too much blue light before going to bed. 

Is all lavender the same?

No, not at all. Let’s start with normal lavender, also known as fine lavender (lavender angustifolia). Due to its high content of linalyl acetate, the essential oil has a strong relaxing effect and ensures harmony and a good night’s sleep. The wild mountain lavender (also Lavandula angustifolia) has similar properties, but these are even more pronounced due to its altitude. Its plant is rather inconspicuous and small.

Lavandin (Lavandula hybrida super) is a cross between different lavender varieties with a slightly more bitter note. Due to its higher camphor content, this essential oil has an activating rather than relaxing effect. And then there is the spike lavender (lavender latifolia) with completely different ingredients. It is characterized above all by 1.8 cineole and a relatively high camphor content. Spikenard is particularly suitable for stimulating and invigorating massages as well as for sports oils.

Pillow spray „Good night- sleep well“ von Farfalla, 30 ml, 9,90m CHF

Photos: Farfalla (5), Kundigraber (1)

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