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Aesthetics Trend Report: “The Future of Aesthetics“

Profound changes in global society are also having an impact on beauty. Insights into the future of beauty are provided by the new trend report from Allergan Aesthetics entitled “The Future of Aesthetics,” in which Leonard Nenad Josipovic, MD, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, contributed as an expert. Aesthetics in transition. Leonard Nenad Josipovic says, “From the dissolution of gender identities to the metaverse, in the Trends Report we see how aesthetic medicine reflects and embraces the evolution of society and becomes a trend driver itself.” The report is based on interviews with the world’s leading experts in aesthetic medicine, as well as extensive research and analysis of market, industry and media reports, consumer and social media data. Goodbye to the gender division Since 2018, it has been possible to enter a third gender on an identity card in Germany. Stars such as Demi Lovato, Elliot Page or Sam Smith publicly describe themselves as non-binary or trans, series such as “Queer Eye” are conquering the screens and the LGBTQ movement is shaking up the previous understanding of the roles of men and women. Society is becoming more inclusive, and gender divisions are becoming less important. Particularly among younger Gen Z: 8 out of 10 respondents in a 2020 study said they believe gender no longer defines a person as much as it used to. This upheaval in society is also causing a change in the beauty industry. While the image of beauty in aesthetic medicine was previously often based on the dichotomy of male/female, more and more doctors and clinics are consciously dispensing with this gender distinction. “For me, it is not relevant in a treatment whether patients* are male or female, non-binary or transgender or completely indeterminate,” confirms Dr. Josipovic. “The focus is on the person with their personality – and how we can accentuate their individual beauty.” Companies like Allergan Aesthetics are already addressing patients* in a gender-inclusive way and with one voice. This will only intensify: beauty is breaking free of gender stereotypes, gender boundaries and gendered beauty clichés. Beauty becomes more flexible and mutable Rigid facial expressions, bodies that look like plastic, unnatural or doll-like looks – these are yesterday’s images of beauty. The aesthetics of the future no longer has fixed definitions. Instead, it’s “Spot on!” to the individual idea of beauty – which can also be quite changeable. “Wishes, needs and also the bodies of patients* change over time,” says the expert.… weiterlesen

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